10 foods to boost immunity

Are you likely to experience/possible to get influenza and widespread diseases of all kinds? Can’t live without a bundle of tissues nearby? Maybe you have a flaw in your disease-fighting.

Certain foods are more especially good for strengthening you’re (not able to be harmed/not able to get a disease) due to their vitamin and mineral content.

Citrus fruits

Plan to make a cure for oranges and lemons.

Rich in vitamins C, they help you soak up (like a towel) the iron you consume from vegetables.

Besides, vitamin C has body-protecting chemical properties and stimulates a molecule’s production capable of destroying bacteria. So in the morning, we adopt the lemon or orange juice reflex for breakfast to stay in shape and have tone.


It is better to plan to brush your teeth after a garlic meal, but garlic has many medically valuable properties. It helps fight against all kinds of infections and protects you from viruses and cancer. Please do not wait to cut it raw to add it to your salads, fish, and meat.

Green tea

To strengthen your natural defenses and become more resistant to angry, violent behaviors, give water to/fill with water yourself by drinking green tea.

Besides its draining and (something that produces urine) effect, which makes your (organs that create urine) work and cleans poisonous chemicals, it is rich in body-healing compounds and polyphenols and therefore preserves your youth and health. Plus, it boosts your energy. So, don’t wait to treat yourself to some comforting tea breaks.


On the menu of your defenses, do not wait to consume (peas, beans, lentils, etc.), making it possible to produce anti-bodies. So stock up on lentils and seeds, which also have completely satisfying good qualities/advantages and avoid the pumping effect, especially in the middle of winter.


In addition to being low in calories, ​Super p Force​to boost your disease-fighting system thanks to their virus-killing properties. Besides, they are rich in selenium, known for its body-protecting chemical action.

In short, eating mushrooms (raw or cooked) allows you to preserve your cells. You can eat them in a salad or as a smaller part of fish. So we put on our boots, and we go hunting down the boletus in the forest to make a small pan with herbs.

Oysters and seafood

Nothing like a little iodine on the plate to keep the doctor away and regain energy. Don’t wait to prepare seafood platters with oysters, langoustines, crabs, whelks.

Oysters are rich in zinc, a trace element that helps resist infections and allows unable to be harmed cells to produce anti-bacteria molecules.

Wholemeal bread

Don’t skip the food! This is an extreme mistake, especially for your disease-fighting system. On the other hand, rather than choosing high-quality white food, prefer wholemeal bread, which will provide you with iron.

A lack of iron usually results in intense tiredness, cramps, feelings of being worried and upset. Do not wait to consume muesli in the morning if you feel feverish, and the bread does not pass.

Dark chocolate

Gourmets will be delighted! Stop feeling guilty when you fall for dark chocolate! It’s suitable for your disease-fighting.

Rich in magnesium, dark chocolate has polyphenols that remove stress and provide pleasure. So on the menu, we treat ourselves to two squares of dark chocolate with our coffee.

The vegetables

If you want to kill viruses, you will need to eat lots of vegetables, especially greens. The USA rich in iron also has essential vitamin A levels, which stimulates the production of anti-body and the spread of white blood cells.

Also, carrots are a great source of vitamin A, especially if you consume them in juice. We focus on (related to fall, spring, etc.) vegetables on the menu, and we make a colorful plate made from. A vitamin cocktail to get through the winter without the smallest flu.

Fatty fish

For your disease-fighting system to be at its best, you will also need to provide it with vitamin D! Using/eating/drinking oily fish rich in omega 3, such as smoked herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon.

You can change/differ the flavors with herbs from Provence. Vitamin D is significant to control swelling.


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