4 camera gadgets you should have during your camping trip


For professional photography and filmmaking a construction kit is an essential tool a universal construction kit that is made to improve your photography skills the farm kit comes in three different versions which are formed compact foundation and foundation plus. The PhoRM compact consists of three 180mm bars three 90 degree bends ten x form fasteners tinned form nuts two 3d printed grips and to magnetic feet. The PhORM kit modular design lets you set it up in any shape so that you can always get perfect angle and shot every time. The PhoRM bars are manufactured from billet aluminum which makes it strong and lightweight. The bars are finished with a durable anodized coating which ensures its longevity. If you are looking for a construction kit that can enhance your photography skills then the PhoRM construction kit is the right choice for you.

Feiyu Tech G6 +

A portable all in one all-rounder gimbal built to provide you flawless state of the art performance and support smartphone action camera and mirrorless camera. It is a 3 axis stabilized handheld gimbal that can be turned up to 350 degree allowing you to shoot in every single angle you need. Its silent but high torque motor can handle a max payload up to 800 gram while providing smooth and stable videos. It is equipped with a magic focus ring that unlock unlimited possibilities for your devices. You can use the magic ring to precisely control the zoom and follow focus of the camera. It also allows you to precisely control three axes and switch through function modes just at the reach of your thumb for convenient experience. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and connects it with fuel on smartphone app which allows you to control gimbal remotely without any interruption. The G6 + features a low powered OLED display which shows status like the parameters of the gimbal and camera current operating mode battery status Bluetooth connectivity in details to make your experience more convenient. The Feiyu Tech G6+ is compatible with massive range of cameras including action camera smartphones pocket cameras and mirrorless cameras which gives you the freedom to use any kind of camera according to your choice. It packs of 5000mah battery and has energy optimized algorithm which provides you up to 12 hours of battery life allowing you to shoot stunning videos for a longer period of time plus the Feiyu tech G6 + is splash proof so you can use it even on rainy days without any worry. The Feiyu tech G6+ is a reliable and efficient gimbal for mounting your mirrorless camera smart phone pocket cameras to get smooth and stable professional-grade shots every time.

Motion Control Slider Smartta SliderMini

A motion slider can provide you buttery smooth motion videos and enhance your filmmaking capability the SliderMini a portable smooth camera slider built to provide you smooth and stable shots every time. It comes in a macro precise motor and cutting edge control technology that enables precise and quite motion control over the balance among strength duration and smoothness. The SliderMini powerful motor and torque enable turn three pound carrying capacity horizontally and lets you work efficiently with any phone camera and DSLR. Its dual control design lets you design and control shoots remotely with its intuitive user-friendly app or simply use a hardware button on the unit to manually control how the cameras lights. The SliderMini has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect it to your smartphone app while you watching the movie on Movie Hustle through your phone. And features three shooting modes which are video time-lapse and stop motion. Weighing at around 1.2 pounds the SliderMini compact sized wetsuit carried in any backpack and always ready to meet your shooting needs anytime anywhere.

Magic Carpet Pro

Do you love shooting buttery smooth videos with your camera the unique Magic Carpet Pro a professional grade camera slider built to meet the demands of pro filmmaking. The Magic Carpet has a carriage integrated flywheel that ensures your hand push tracking shots are silky smooth every time. It comes at precision machined track joiners enabling you to infinitely add the length without losing quality. Its completely tool less simply join the tracks together lock the lever to secure and shoot. Its quick release system is specifically designed to keep your camera secure while keeping your mobile. Simply attach the cure plate to your tripod head click on the shoot and release when you need to move. The Magic Carpet Pro is ultra-compatible for motion control. The Genie to linear clicks directly into the carriage making it a lower profile more secure motion controls system add Genie to pan tilt on top for full 3 axis control. The Magic Carpet Pro design handles cameras up to 70 pounds with reliability and stability.


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