4 Crazy Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need to Kill

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting other products. Marketers usually opt for a product that they like, then promote it to others and consequently earn a piece of profit for every sale that is made.

Now the internet is rife with illusions and myths about affiliate marketing. But at the end of this article you will find that most of these are fabrications. So you must be able to separate fiction from fact. Only then you will be able to make the most of this form.

Here are certain myths that surround the affiliate marketing. Just take a look.

  • Myth 1 – Affiliate Marketing is Easy

Affiliate marketing may be quite simple to manage for those people whose skills are exceptional in the field of marketing and business, but for the others it can be a time-consuming process. A lot of people think that affiliate marketing can generate easy money. But only when done in the optimal and right way can it generate great success. There are actually no shortcut to it as in most businesses. Not more than .6% of the affiliate marketers are successful. So this tells you that it is not a cakewalk to gain success in this battlefield.

  • Myth 2 – With Social Media Popularity You Can Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

It is quite simple to depend on the social media to advertise without expenses, but popularity on social media cannot vouch success for affiliate marketing and it won’t sell the product advertised by a popular social media figure. Most customers will analyse the specification and quality of products instead of the popularity of the person advertising it for purchasing the merchandise.

Although advertising the products using celebrities or famous ones can be a great way for bringing the traffic to the website, it is not necessary to focus on just that. There are a lot of other opportunities that you can explore in other social media paid venture.

  • Myth 3 – Affiliate Marketing Links Are Not Great for SEO

One of the major concerns of affiliate marketing is placement of links on the sites from an SEO perspective on the basis of the link scheme guidelines from Google. The myth is that websites can be penalised if they have paid link from another site.

But that is not true.

It is vital that all guidelines for SEO are proportional to the clout of the business from the perspective of commercial intent and that of the user. It can happen that you had a new low-on-content blog or ecommerce site that was plastered with the various ad links to the external sites and that prevented the users from making a purchase or reading the blog post. However, if your site is well-built, then you cannot overuse ads.

There are lots of technical parameters that you can incorporate into your affiliate marketing as it is a standard to deter the crawling of the paid links. These include –

           a) Implementing a 302 redirect for all the affiliate links to the site

           b) Using a tracking URL or masked URL for tracking campaign

           c) Inserting a “no-follow” link attribute across the affiliate URLs

            d) Including a line command of disallow for the URL path that you are using within the file of robots.txt

Just like any other site, an affiliate site also needs to be maintained and promoted.

  • Myth 4 – Affiliate Marketing is a Dead End – There are a lot of features that have emerged in the domain of affiliate marketing. But it will be too much to suggest that affiliate marketing is facing a dead end now.  A lot of specs and standards have been made a compulsion in the field of marketing field which has further improved the relevance and productivity of the same.

Google’s algorithm strictly optimises the pages of search results by penalising the sites that fail to adhere to the regulations laid to the end of the search result pages. Banner ads are also cut short as they don’t go well with a majority of the electronic devices today. The banners are now replaced by the text links embedded between the sites and blogs.

These alterations imply the improvement of the affiliate marketing industry not its destructions.

These are just some of the myths as suggested by the experts of digital marketing company who have been in the industry for a prolonged period and know the tricks of the trade well. If you want to make the most of this form of marketing you should steer clear of these myths and make smart decisions.

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Sawoni Chowdhury is an aficionado of writing. She is an expert writer and blogger and shares her views and opinions on a range of topics such as Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment, Software and lot more.


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