4 Reasons for Why We are Looking Forward to Global Recession

Economies around the world stand on the verge of another global recession and whether or not the situation would improve depend completely on the fate of the rift between world superpowers like USA and China. Even though investors showed a bit of hope after witnessing a partial trade agreement between USA and China, chances are less that this would go any further in the coming times. The experts from the International monetary funds are meeting in Washington soon and while experts are expecting some concrete solution onboard, only time would reveal the truth behind.

Reza Irani, one of the most renowned financial experts around, also backs the claims made regarding the possibility of a recession in the coming times. Well, here he comes with few pointers to perfectly back his claim in the same context.

Existing trade wars 

Reza irani just points towards the recently released statement by Donald trump which has halted the trading between USA and China for the meantime. The situation went worse when Washington DC brought on higher tariffs for Chinese products and Beijing, in return, increased taxes and duties on all of the American goods coming into the country. This, as per Reza irani, is giving birth to a long-lasting rift between these two countries and we can’t expect that to get off any time soon

Slowdown in Growth rate

It’s just not about USA or China, but almost every country around is going through a sudden dip in their overall growth rate. Countries like India and Pakistan are also seeing a major down surge in the market demands and inflation rate whilst the other countries are simply nowhere in terms of economic development.

Dipping demand

It’s a given that demands for some major goods have witnesses a big dip across every country around a d this can certainly be taken as the major signs for an upcoming recession. People are avoiding themselves to invest in market goods or shares and they are further insisting to keep the money for any future uncertainty. As per Reza Irani, governments and financial institutions across the globe need to take down some big measures in order to push the investments from the people’s end.

Ongoing Geo-politics

The world is witnessing some big civil wars across almost every region around the world and this is contributing big time to the onset of the economic threat looming on the world right now. Reza Irani has quoted that until and unless these on-ground rivalries can be put into peace, we cannot really expect any major development on economic front.

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