4 Tips for Delivering Effective Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery shopping companies assist businesses in analysing and improving the quality of services they provide to their customers. Although the intention is there, some underperform against expectations—they receive complaints from clients, questioning the skills and credibility of their mystery shoppers.

Do you find this relatable? If yes, then it’s time to invest in your employees. Provide your secret shoppers with proper training to help them deliver effective mystery shopping services. And when it comes to training, never miss out on an important thing: reporting.

Teach them to craft comprehensive and on-point reports so that companies wouldn’t be missing out on important information about their business.

To help you get started, here are five tips to acing the report generation part of secret shopping:

How to Ace a Mystery Shopping Job

Give Genuine Feedback

Businesses hire a mystery shopping provider because they want to know what customers think of their products or services. With the help of mystery consumers, they will know what kind of company are they from the customer’s point of view.

However, there’s more expected from mystery shopping professionals. They must give nothing but valuable and genuine customer feedback on an establishment being audited.

Secret shoppers should only report on things that they observed and experienced—but not what they felt from the experience. This is why comments should always be written objectively unless the shop instructions indicate otherwise.

Objective: The staff in the grocery store didn’t smile and greeted me in a welcoming manner.

Subjective: The staff in the grocery store was bad-mannered and impolite.

Follow Client Specifications

When writing a report, your mystery shoppers must follow the client specifications or deliverable samples. If they fail at this one, there’s a high chance that half of your client base will never acquire your mystery shopping services again.

Bottom line: remind them to accomplish the client’s objectives and follow the guidelines that the client has provided.

If the client wants to assess both the objective and subjective aspects of a service encounter, then secret shoppers should follow it strictly. They should keep an eye on the client requests for this may help in making your company an in-demand evaluator.

Avoid Information Overload

Writing reports can be tricky sometimes. While clients prefer comprehensive feedback on a mystery visit, they may not want to go over a lengthy report that’s filled with too much information. Yes, that’s the ironic part of report generation.

So here’s the cardinal rule: avoid information overload. Measure only what’s important and avoid making broad general statements.

With that in mind, ask your mystery shoppers to narrow their focus and keep the report simple. They must focus only on specific observations with yes or no variables such as employee attitude, product knowledge, site cleanliness, and so on.

Respond to Questions Quickly

The job of secret consumers doesn’t end after the report has been sent to clients. Most clients have follow-up questions for evaluators. Therefore, mystery shopping professionals must respond to these queries right away.

They shouldn’t take this step for granted because it’s an important ingredient to delivering exceptional mystery shopping services.

Undercover shoppers should treat information as something perishable. When a client needs more information on a certain area, they must get back to them as soon as possible. The longer fact-checking takes, the less credible they can become and perceived as unreliable partners.

Why Do Companies Use Mystery Shoppers? 

When all things go awry, remind your team that companies hire mystery shoppers because they want to deliver the best customer experience.

Businesses want to gauge service quality, assess site cleanliness, or sometimes examine stock control. They will not be able to see these from a customer perspective without the help of mystery shopping professionals.

The Takeaway

 As a mystery shopping provider, you must ensure that your secret shoppers are competent enough to do the job. Equip them with relevant knowledge and training so that they can measure a product or service quality impeccably.

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