5 easy steps to track a mobile phone with OgyMogy mobile tracker app

Are you one of those who want to track a mobile phone? Why you want to monitor someone’s cell phone device and you want it secretly as well? Well! Without knowing the reasons behind why do you want to do surveillance on someone’s mobile you have to get your hands on the mobile tracker software? If you have made your mind to track someone’s mobile then you can use five easy steps to get the job done. However, first, we want to know why people want to monitor cell phones and what the motives behind doing that job are. Let’s get to know about the five easy steps that empower you to track mobile.

Install OgyMogy mobile tracker app

First and foremost you need to install mobile tracking software on the target device and you have the software at initial stages.  Therefore, you need to get your hands on the OgyMogy, and then you need to visit the place on the web where you can get the OgyMogy subscription.

Subscribe for cell phone tracker app

Once you have visited the official webpage of OgyMogy  cell phone tracker software then you need to get the license first. Therefore, get the online subscription and check the email to collect the credential in terms of password and ID. Now you need to have the possession of the device to perform the third and most crucial step.

Get Physical access on the target device

Now get the physical access on the target device and when you have got the access on the target mobile then you should install it on the target handset. Start the process of installation and then ended up with it successfully. Moreover, you need to activate it on the targeted device. Once you have activated it on it will remain invisible on the target mobile even on the latest OS version.

Activate your web control panel

Now recall all the credentials and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on plenty of powerful tools that empower you to monitor cell phone devices using OGYMOGY mobile surveillance app.

Use mobile phone tracker software tools to track someone’s cellphone

There are plenty of tools that you can view and get your hands on via online web control panel. Let’s discuss all the tools of OgyMogy that can make major difference and further let you know what is happening on the target device.

Call recording

You can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder app. It further empowers you to save the recorded calls data on the web.

Text messages monitoring

You can read text messages running on someone’s mobile sent or received using text messages monitoring app. It further empowers you to read SMS, MMS and plenty of others alike.

GPS location tracking

You can track live cell phone location by remotely get access to the online control panel using GPS location tracker app. Furthermore, you can get to know about the history of the location, daily location history, and weekly location history. Furthermore, you can set Geo-Fence and virtually get to know about the GPS location and further view when target person enter or leave the fence using Google MAP.

Live screen recording 

End user can perform live screen recording on android using live screen recorder software. Furthermore, you can record live short videos of mobile screen back to back and deliver the recording of the videos to the online control panel. You can get access to the online web portal where you can see the live recording of the phone screen.

IM’s social media

You can use social media messenger tracker software and empowers you to get the logs of instant messaging apps. You can easily get the logs of text messaging, chats conversations, audio video chats, shared media, and last but not the least Voice messages.

Remote tracking

You can remotely track the target phone and get to know about the installed applications, you can block text messages, block incoming calls and last but not the least block the internet access on the target device.


OgyMogy phone tracker app is the best tool that you can install on the target device and use its five steps and tools to track someone mobile to the fullest.


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