5 Simple Tips To Purchase A Foreclosure Property

When homeowners fail to pay the mortgage, then foreclosure looms! In this situation, they try to sell their home as soon as possible. For these people, their main objective is not to just sell their house, but they want to do it quickly. The mortgage value will go on increasing if they fail to pay many consecutive payments. You can take advantage of this situation and purchase a house at a low price.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various points that will help you to purchase foreclosure home for a good price:

1. Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent

You should take the help of an experienced real estate agent who has good knowledge and relevant experience. Before hiring an agent, you should ask them whether they can help to find foreclosure properties.

The best way to find a good real estate agent is to go online and visit their website, check the comments given by their previous clients, and finally choose the best. It is recommended to choose the local real estate investors as they have a good idea about all your regions.

The property buyers can directly deal with the bank’s real estate agent rather than the homeowner’s agent to prevent money split.  You should tell your needs and requirement to your real estate agent and tell him to find out the best property that suits your needs.

2. Get Mortgage Preapproval

If you can not afford to pay cash, then you should take pre-approval from a financial institution for a home mortgage. This will also let you know what is the upper limit of your budget. You should look for foreclosure properties in the range of your budget.

The lender will give a pre-approval letter by investigating your credit score and other financial situations. The preapproval mortgage letter will let you set your goals and achieve them.

3. Offer A Good Price

Once you find the right property, then the next thing is to offer the right price that the homeowner can not refuse. To find the right market value of any property, you should do a comparative market analysis (CMA). This analysis will help you to find out the sale price of recently sold properties in your area.

For instance, if you want to purchase a property in Cleveland, then you should find out home prices in Cleveland. You can do this analysis for various days and can evaluate various factors such as the pace of home sales, price of recently sold properties, etc. After doing analysis you will get to know the right price of your property and you can offer good value of the home seller.

4. Bid Higher If Competition Is High

If the foreclosure home in your area is selling at a faster pace, then you should take advice from your real estate agent to get the deal in your hands. The best way to grab the deal is to offer a higher price as compared to your competitors.

Make sure you are backed up by the pre-approval letter. In various cases, the foreclosure properties are already rated with less price. If you make an offer that is too low will disappoint the home seller.

Always remember that house condition and location play an important role in deciding home prices. Some foreclosure properties are sold at a faster pace than others.

In this competitive world, you should offer the price the same as set by the homeowner. If possible, then you can bid slighting more than asked price to stand out among the competition.

5. Buy Home In ‘As-Is’ Condition

If you are going to purchase a foreclosure property, then always remember that property will be in “as-is” condition. This indicates that property sellers can not provide a guarantee about the condition of the property like it may have weak structural integrity, it may be infested by termites, lead paint, etc.

As the foreclosure properties are owned by the bank, therefore, there is nobody who can take care of this house. You can call a home inspector if you want to purchase a foreclosed house. This will let you know what actually you are going to purchase.

The home inspection will help you to know the major problems inside the home.  By doing a home inspection, you can ask to reduce the price of the property or you can drop your purchase decision. By doing a home inspection, you can make the right decision.

Final Words

There could be various reasons to invest in foreclosure properties. Some people invest in these properties to earn huge profit by reselling it, some may want to use it as commercial property, etc.

But your purchase decision should be based on risk tolerance, financial situation, ability to quickly move, etc. The above-mentioned tips will help you to invest in the right foreclosure properties.

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Written by Aria Akachi


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