5 Tactics to Build a Technology Platform with WordPress

In the digital world it’s mandatory to build a technology platform to get connected with your targeted audience. Whether it’s a small business or you planned to open an e-store, you will need a web platform to represent your products or services. When it comes to building a technology platform nothing works better than WordPress. It is basically a content management system that helps you to manage all the tedious tasks efficiently.

According to the latest statistics, WordPress powers around 34% of websites running on the internet. This makes WordPress one of the popular technology platform. The easy to use interface, customized themes, SEO friendly and much more, makes WordPress a perfect solution for any site needs.

By using WordPress, you can build a responsive site. To get your WordPress site online you can easily opt for WordPress hosting in Pakistan or the specific country you live in. But the main tactics to build a technology platform with WordPress is often complicated. To get started with your WordPress site, you must need to follow the top strategies discussed in this blog.

Choose The Right Domain Name 

The first step to build a technology platform with WordPress is to select a particular domain name. The domain name is basically your unique site address that needs to be concise, represents your brand and easy for people to search. Once you selected your domain name, you need to opt for the domain extension and TLDs.

 The perfect domain extension is .com while the TLD defines the country. For example, if you are running hosting services in Pakistan than you can as your domain extension.

Choose Hosting Platform & Package 

Once you selected your domain name, you must need a hosting platform to build site with WordPress. Choose the hosting provider that offers more features against the money you provided. The reliable hosting providers that provide 99% guaranteed uptime includes Hostbreak, Fast host and blue host. Choose the WordPress hosting package and get started to build a technology platform with WordPress.

Choose Theme 

After you had selected the hosting package, either the WordPress will be directly installed or you may need to install it through hosting control panel. In both cases, you will be directed to the login page. Then, log in with your email and password that administrator provides. At first, you will see the theme page. All you need is to select the right theme that suits your website.

Get Familiar with WordPress Dashboard 

Dashboard play’s an important role in building a technology platform with WordPress. The Dashboard enables you to control your website efficiently. Through, the dashboard you can easily control and know what your website visitors will see when they land on your page.

Customize Theme & Pages 

To build a responsive site with WordPress it is important to customize themes and pages. You need to tune your site with font size, colour theme, and any other effective element that could represent your company in an effective way. The top navigation links that allow you to build effective technology platform with WordPress are as follows

  • Create: By clicking on this link you can easily create your first blog post.
  • Upload: Usually this option is used for uploading photos to inspire visitors
  • Browse Themes: Know which type of theme is available

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