5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Pet Skin Care Products

Back in the day when you’d give your dog a bath, you placed him in the tub, turned on the tap and washed him with whatever was on hand. Or, if it was summer, you’d bath him with the garden hose and some soap, rinse him off, and he was good to go. But these days, a different approach is taken.

How to Make the Right Pet Skin Care Decision

If you don’t choose the correct skincare product for your dog, you can damage your pup’s skin. Some companies will falsely label their products as soothing, refreshing or healing when the products actually aren’t any of that. Just because the product says it on the label doesn’t mean that it’s true.

To give your dog the best in skincare products, consider these 5 tips:

  1. Always check the label: When you buy a product online, you might not check the labels. However, purchasing a Skincare product for your dog can be dangerous if you don’t know what the ingredients are. So always read and understand the ingredients of any skincare product you buy for your pet.
  2. Avoid synthetic compounds: Not every synthetic compound can be harmful to your dog, but it’s better to avoid them altogether. You want to avoid the chance of making a wrong purchase. It’s the best way to keep your dog safe.
  3. Natural nourishment is best: Your dog needs nourishment for his skin just like you do for yours. So, you need to purchase skin care products that contain natural skin moisturisers like almond oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E. Some products are also infused with scented essential oils and jojoba.
  4. Buy only natural scents: Beauty products usually come with a fragrance, either for humans or dogs. So, when you’re purchasing your dog a product, choose the ones with a natural scent. Don’t buy anything that says fragrance because that could equate to a toxic chemical, such as phthalates. Phthalates can cause issues for your dog in the liver, kidney, and reproductive system.
  5. Read reviews: Reading reviews of a product before you buy it is a wise thing to do. When purchasing a product for yourself, reviews are always helpful. It’s the same if you’re purchasing a product for your dog. If the website doesn’t have a review section, then check it out on the internet. Don’t ever buy a product for your dog without checking through the feedback. Always buy the product with the most favourable reviews.

Buying the right dog products will keep your dog’s skin hydrated and fresh. Plus, your dog’s coat will remain healthy. Some products will even moisturize your pup’s nose and paws.

Remember to bathe your pet after he has been in the pool or the beach. Sand, chlorine, and seawater can damage your pet’s fur and skin. Use a product that will give your pet’s fur that healthy glow again.


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