6 smart ways to save money on your water heating bill

Your heating bills might trouble you a lot. Through a study it is found that 20% of your household heating bills come from heating your water. This could mean a lot to you! So what’s the solution to this? The only way to save your money on heating bills is to use water efficiently. 

You can start it off by asking your water supplier if they have any free gadgets that can help you in lowering your heating bills. We have got some tips on how you can save money on heating bills. If you have a water meter. You can always have a look at the rate in which your meter is fluctuating. 

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into it!

  • Stop filling bathtub

It’s quite unusual to accept this but a lot of people love spending quality time in the bathroom. Here’s the actual problem. Filling your bathtub for minutes can increase your bills exponentially high. Take a quick shower instead of filling your bathtub. The more you are using your shower, the more heating bills you are generating. 

Try to turn your water off when you are applying soap or doing some other work. This could save a lot of money. 

  • Spending less time in the bathroom

A lot of people have the habit of making an entire movie in their bathroom. This is in a literal sense but you do find people who spend hours in the bathroom. We want a warmer temperature and what could be better than taking a warm shower. This is the only reason which makes people stubborn when it comes to using less water.

You can still keep the bathroom warmer by shutting the doors closed. Your bathroom will be warmer till you bath.

  • Turning your water heating temperature down

Chances are that you have a heating system that has the temperature set. It ranges between 40°C to 80°C. If you can lower the water heating temperature, it will help you in shredding some extra bucks. During winter months, you need water in the highest temperature but make sure that you are not overusing it too much. 

  • Running taps wastes money

If you keep your taps on even for no reason, you are literally wasting a lot of money. Did you know that a running tap is actually wasting more than 6 liters of water? You can save money here and the process is really very easy! While washing utensils, you can fill some water in a bowl and clean the dirty dishes with that bowl. Washing utensils under a running tap is a complete no when you want to save money. 

Abstaining from bad habits can also help you in lowering your heating bill and you all will accept me on this point. How many of you run your taps while brushing? Now you get me? We all raise our heating bills for no reason at all. 

  • Lowering the temperature of all your appliance

While washing clothes in a washing machine, you can lower the temperature. You can rinse your clothes in cold water and it is a good idea for bill freak people. Make sure you are loading it to full before using the machine. 

The same logic is applied when you are washing your utensils. I know a lot of people hate washing dishes with cold water in the extreme harsh weather but you can always have an option to do either way. In a bowl, take half hot and half cold water. This will reduce the complete cold effect and will help you in staying in touch with hot water. 

  • Fix any faults

If you find anything that has got some leaks, you must repair it as soon as possible. Defective home appliances can result in increased bills outside your expectation. If your boiler isn’t working or you need to repair it, you can contact an expert who provides 24 hours Boiler repair Services in London and they can help you additionally in lowering your heating bills. 

Every time you look at your water bills you might think of lowering it down. You have tons of ways to do that.


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