8 New Ideas For Attendee Engagement At Modular Trade Booth

Getting more trade booth attendees is a difficult job for exhibitors. You should be multitasking while participation in an exhibition or trade show. You have to construct an outstanding modular exhibition stand, train your sales team members, start pre-event marketing and simultaneously maintain a budget. Along with these, there are enormous tasks that you need to handle for successful participation in a trade show.

The modular exhibition stand is comparatively less attractive than a custom exhibition stand. But, there are some tricks that you can implement to get more visitors to your modular exhibition stand.

It is very important to pay special attention to trade booth attendees’ engagement to get a high return on investment. If sales team members can not keep trade booth attendees engaged for long then you will lose out your potential customers.

This a chance to transform the potential customers into a lead. So, do not let this chance go away. If you trade booth attendees are not engaged for long, then maybe they are not satisfied with your booth or behavior of trade booth members.

So, how you can put effort to keep your trade booth attendees engaged for long. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips that will help you to keep your guest engages, and focused.

1. Display Appealing Content

You can make your modular display systems memorable by displaying engaging content on your trade booth. The messages you display on your booth must support your objectives. Also, they help in attracting a targeted audience towards your booth.

You should also display behind-the-scenes pictures to create a memorable experience of your potential customers. By sharing these pictures, your potential customers will feel part of your organization. You should ensure that your trade booth sales member is efficient to keep the attendees engaged for long.

2. Incorporate New Games

If you want to keep your trade booth attendees engaged for long, then you should incorporate fun in your modular exhibition system. Gone are the days when the trade booth attendees are comfortable only with the lecture-style demonstration.

If you want to create a buzz, then add more competition and put efforts to spice up the event. If possible, then you can incorporate musicians, magicians, and various other forms of entertainers in your trade booth. They will help in keeping your attendees engaged for a long time.

No matter what kind of element your pick up, your trade booth attendees will appreciate it.

3. Talk To Trade Show Attendees

You can use the latest event technology and management software so that more people get to your exhibition stand. This will make your interaction simple and easy with your guests. You can also use some attendee engagement tools that will help you to convey the right information to your potential customers.

You should find an optimum way to gather and curate querries of trade booth attendee. You should try to collect the feedback of your trade booth visitors about your modular display cases.

This will let you know what are the positive and negative points in your exhibition stand. Improved communication will help in elevating trade booth visitors’ engagement and also help in improving their overall experience.

4. Live Polling For Question & Answers

You should put some effort to accelerate the attendee engagement with the help of Q&A plus polling. You should use a different source to get the querries from live attendees. By doing event surveys, you can collect the optimum feedback and keep your trade booth visitors engaged.

5. Use the Interactive Seating System

The old-style seating system is good, but in some cases, this conventional system does not work well. You should make use of some enhanced version of the seating arrangement, make sure it should be interactive to improve trade booth attendee engagement. The different layouts help in serving various objectives.

Therefore, you should first consider the purpose and then use an optimum approach for different sessions. If you do not want to completely change the layout, then try some simple variation in the seating arrangement. For instance, you can use a round table so that each member can interact with all others.

6. Use Event Hashtag

Before the event starts, you should leverage a unique hashtag that will help in promoting your trade booth across the event. You should encourage all people to visit your booth during the trade show.

With this hashtag, you can spread brand awareness and trigger curiosity among your potential customers. You can use hashtags on speaker slides, badges, signage or wherever you want to display it.

7. Hire Compelling Speakers

You can also get a huge volume of traffic at your booth by booking a compelling speaker. But, before that you should know about the trade show attendees, so you can hire the best. The talented speakers help in improving the experience of trade booth attendees.

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