Adopt These 6 Tips to Maintain Clothes as Always New

How strange it is if you do not have new clothes to wear to go to the office as you wake up in the morning. You want to wear your favorite dresses, but their condition are not good. In such a situation, you can keep your clothes better for a long time, assuming the tips of the fashion designer.

Clothes play an important role in enhancing your personality, so it is important to pay attention to some things to save them for a long time. Don’t apply the same method to clean woolen clothes, there are different ways to care woolen clothes. Woolen clothes should never be cleaned in harsh detergent powder.

Designer Divyam Mehta and designer Gaurav Shah have given these tips related to easy care of clothes:

  1. Put routinely used clothes in every part of the wardrobe of clothes, such as daily wear in separate parts, sportswear, evening wear or party and nightwear. Keep the clothes in separate parts.
  2. To keep clothes in good condition for a long time, wash them according to the fabric. Just make the woolen and silk clothes dry clean and press them at the appropriate temperature.
  3. Cotton and linen clothes should be washed by hand and dried in the shade. Woven clothes should be dried flat. Hanging these clothes may damage their shape near the neckline.
  4. Always wash white clothes separately from other colors.
  5. Buy clothes with good fabric so that they last longer. Do not buy anything in the glitter of fashion, because they do not last long.
  6. Whether it is saree, lehenga, scarf or blouse, save these clothes in a white cotton cover.

If you wash clothes in the washing machine, choose a detergent that is specially made for the washing machine. Long-term use of ordinary washing powder can reduce the performance of your washing machine. Also, use detergent keeping in mind the fabric of your clothes. Use a soft detergent for washing silk or woolen clothing. Use a very soft detergent for washing children’s clothing, because children’s skin is very sensitive. Use a detergent with bleach formula for washing white clothes, while for washing colored clothes, use a detergent that brightens the clothes.

Take care of these as well:

1. Add a little bit of washing soda while washing clothes in the washing machine. The clothes will become very soft.

2. If there is a mark of ball pen, then apply hair spray on it and let it dry. Later wash that cloth.

3. Put a little shampoo over the scar to remove the stubborn stain of the collar. Rub the shampoo like you do when washing hair. The shampoo is designed to remove oil, so shampoo can prove to be effective in removing various stains.

4. To remove a trace of sweat, immerse the cloth in warm water by adding a vinegar.

5. While washing clothes in the washing machine, always first put detergent and after that put clothes. Putting a detergent over the clothes not only causes the detergent to cling to the clothes, but the color of the fabric can also be blown away.


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