Alternative Energy Sources That You Must Be Aware of

As it’s commonly known alternative energy sources like wind, water and solar power offer an infinite supply of energy, and in this article, we are going to tell you how to use these powerful and cheap resources to free up money for more important things. In the last year’s most equipment which is needed to harvest alternative energy has become very affordable, so the biggest obstacle to use clean energy is out of the way. Now the positive sides, like having your own independent power system which has no negative effects on the environment whatsoever, outweigh the heavy investment upfront. Today there are even numerous amounts of tax incentives from your government that will help you finance your own energy saving projects. So what exactly are these alternative and renewable energy sources?

1. Solar Power

Since the beginning of time the sun has provided earth with a great source of energy in form of light and heat. The most common way of harvesting the suns energy are photovoltaic cells. These black panels transform sunlight into electricity, pollution and waste free. For more information on how Photovoltaic Cells work read our dedicated article. Another option is to use Solar thermal heating.

In this technique sunlight is not transformed into electrical energy directly but is used to heat water which then powers steam generators. Heating water is much more efficient than generating electricity directly and hot water can be widely used in household scenarios. There are even solar cooling systems which use the heated water in an absorption/adsorption chiller.  Click here for more on Solar thermal heating.

2. The Power of Wind

Wind Power results out of the conversion of air movement into a more useful form of energy. This transformation is done mainly with wind turbines to generate electrical energy or with windmills to get mechanical power. Wind energy has the potential to become one of the leading power sources of the coming centuries, more than 80 countries around the globe use it on a commercial basis.

For home use, wind energy isn’t the best choice as the setup is quite complicated and you need to take some things like, needing a huge open space, into account. But there are surely some setups which could work in your case, there are even some installations in big cities, so if wind energy is still your choice, we recommend these articles.

3. Hydropower

Water Energy is power derived from running or falling water streams, mainly through water wheels or turbines. This energy form is loved for its pure efficiency, already in the mid eighteen hundred engineers designed turbines with more than 90% efficiency. Of Course, not everybody has direct access to a current or stream so this form of energy isn’t very feasible.

But as technology advances there could be systems which use Rainwater to power parts of your home. While not directly energy relevant – cisterns are great way to save money, use rainwater to flush and to wash your clothes. Furthermore, there are modern cistern systems which purify the water to a point where it’s useable for showers and even drinkable.

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