Seamless pipes are made from solid steel that mainly comes in a sheet or bar form and is molded into a solid round shape known as “billets,” which then undergo heat treatment and cast over a form like a piercing rod to create a hollow tube or shell. Such pipes are known for their incredible ability to withstand pressure more efficiently in comparison to other methods of pipe-producing processes, as well as for being economical. Seamless pipes are mainly used in gas lines, as well as pipes that carry liquids.

Because of their ability to withstand high pressures, they are immensely used in high-pressure applications, including hydraulic cylinders, hydrocarbon industries, refineries, and Oil and Gas infrastructures, to name a few.

Also, seamless pipes do not require any welding or joints and are formed by solid round billets, which adds to their vigor and other features, including excellent corrosion resistance. According to ASME, these pipes are effective in withstanding mechanical stress and possess a higher operating pressure than welded pipes, also known as, non-seamless pipes.

Primary Application of Seamless Pipes in Different Industries:

One of the most-effective alloying materials, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes, has tremendous potential to carry huge weight. The steel in the alloy primarily consists of carbon as the critical element and other alloys such as chromium, nickel, or vanadium – commonly known as alloy steel. Produced in an extrusion mold, there is an advantageous application of the roundness in the circumference of these seamless pipes.

Listed below are some of the major uses of Seamless pipes across an array of industries like Oil and Gas, Chemical, Refineries, and alike.

  • Fluid, seamless steel pipe is used in various arenas like conveying water, gas, oil, and other fluids.
  • Structural Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes are mostly used for general or mechanical structures with seamless steel pipes.
  • Seamless steel pipes having a low and medium pressure boiler are used in the manufacturing process of numerous structural low and medium pressure boiler superheated steam pipes, superheated steam locomotive boiler tubes, opium pipes, small pipes, boiling water pipes, and brick arch effective for superior quality carbon structural steel – cold drawn or hot rolled seamless steel pipe.
  • A high-pressure boiler seamless steel tube is effective in the production of high-pressure and over-pressure water-tube boiler heating surface quality carbon steel, heat resistant, and alloy steel.
  • Oil drilling pipe uses seamless steel pipe for oil drilling at both ends of thickening or external upset seamless steel tubes or pipes.
  • Ship Carbon Steel or ss304 Seamless Pipes are mainly used in the production process of ship grade I pressure piping, grade II pressure piping, boiler & superheater carbon steel. Carbon steel seamless pipe wall temperature does not surpass or go beyond 450 ℃, and alloy steel seamless pipe wall temperature exceeds 450 ℃.

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