Ask these Questions about Georgia Child Support Laws

In every adoption case, there is an aspect of divorce between the birth parents. The most painful thing that could happen in a divorce is that the lives of the children are ruined. Another issue that is more pressing is the custody of the child; with whom the child will go after the divorce? Will the child be handed over to the father or the mother?

The Georgia Child Support Laws:

Although the parents of a child have divorced each other they are still parents. They have a legal responsibility towards the child to pay for the needs. Both of the parents have an equal right to the child and for this reason, have to support their child financially. According to Georgia Child Support Laws both the mother and the father have to pay the child support. If they refuse then there are very dangerous consequences to it.

Effects of Remarriage on the Law:

When either one of the parents remarries; the support of the child must not stop. It is their duty to give financial help to the child. If the parent thinks that the money is to be given by the step-parent then it is a misconception. The money that the parent gives must be of their own earning not by any other source.

Supporting the new Child:

The state of Georgia has a law that believes that the divorced couple can remarry again and to have a child with the second marriage. But that brings the parents to a tough decision of reducing the amount that was previously set. The judge has the authority to decrease the amount that you were giving previously as the support. This is done to accommodate for the financial support of the newly born child.

There are no circumstances under which the court will exempt you from giving your previous child the support he/ she needs. If the new husband is wealthy enough then he can give sufficient amount for his own child; the parent can give some money for the support of the previous child.

Modification in the Child Support:

A few modifications can be made if either of the parents is facing financial difficulties. The troubled party must inform the court as well as the ex-spouse about the modification. The couple who has filled the petition will go in front of the judge and answer questions about the expenses and income. If the judge thinks that you are right then he/she will sign the order.

Important Questions to Inquire about:

When a couple is going under the process of a divorce and both of them are parents; the priority expenditure to arrange for is child support. So when you approach a child adoption agency like Tom Tebeau; you have to ask some important questions so that the whole system can be comprehended.

What is the application Process?

The foremost question that you have to ask is the complete process of child support. Many people just investigate the basics of the process but afterwards when complications develop they blame the lawyer about not telling them. It is on you that you ask each and every detail of child support.

How much it will cost?

If you think that paying the child support is the only payment then you are mistaken. It is obligatory to pay for the child support but there are other fees that are to be paid. If you ask your lawyer then he/ she will tell you to have to further pay administrative, DNA test, judge, Modification and payment transaction fee.

In which ways the payments will be made?

The method in which the child support money will be paid must be decided between the two parties. But it is best that you involve a lawyer and ask for help. There are three ways through which you can send the payments easily; credit card through online, automated deduction from a bank account and you can drop off the payment to the respective departments through the mail by post.

How long the support order will take?

You should know the time period in which the support order will be established. The time duration varies from 20-90 days depending on the availability of the court and judge. This long time is taken so that social services can complete their investigation.

What to do if receive the Child Support Order?

If you are not aware of the situation and have received child support order then it is wise that you don’t ignore it. Consult a lawyer who will represent and help you with the whole process. The person of interest can apply for modification if he/ she has any issues.

How to get payment history copy?

If a person wants to have the duplicate of the payment history you made then there are many ways by which you can get it. You can contact the clerk office of the Superior Court directly, sending a request email, use mobile Apps and consulting online services for the history.

What to know about Fatherhood Program?

According to Georgia Child Support Laws the father of the child has to attend classes of Fatherhood Program to train the fathers on parenting. The program provides counseling for the job, preparing for interview and management of the finances for non-custodial fathers.


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