Best Stay Stations in Casablanca of Morocco

For many years, the North-African location of Morocco has been number one choice for majority of fun seeking globetrotters and fun cravers. From the swarthy Sahara sands to crazy Marrakesh labyrinths, bustling metropolises to the tranquil turquoise beaches there is everything for everyone across the globe.

For a long time, the Moroccan highlights such as Fes, Marrakesh, Rabat and Agadir have been the center of attraction for majority travel enthusiasts.  However, the top business city Casablanca has been ignored by many of us.  Thinking this trading Moroccan city as devoid of charms and colors, many among us stop ourselves from heading on to this.

Why don’t you prove them wrong with your own cheering Casablanca experience? Why don’t we choose Casablanca for a different familia adventure? We strongly recommend you to book your Morocco Family Holiday Packages to create your own Casablanca memories with your near and dear ones.

Top touristy Highlights of Casablanca

There is no doubt that Casablanca is a busy bustling trading center. It is mainly used as a business headquarter and a home to the famous country traders and landowners. Although Casablanca doesn’t have the specific scintillating charms of fez Marrakesh or Tangier, but it has the bounty of its own.

Besides being a busy trading center, it is a proud possessor of some amazing touristy highlights or must see attractions, such as Al Hassan Mosque, Morocco Mall, Corniche, Art Deco buildings, Rick’s Café and much more than this.

Where to Stay in Casablanca?

After a daylong busy strolls in Morocco Mall, or exploring grand Islamic façade of Hassan Mosque, you will need a comfy stay station to relax your limbs in Casablanca.

So don’t think too much about it, because we have listed up some comfy stay sites in Casablanca where you can take your lovely teens and loving spouse for a laid back stay time.

Riad Dar El Malaika

No Moroccan visit can be completed without a comfy riad experience for the evening/night stay.  If you are roaming around Al Jadida town of Casablanca, then a one night stay in any of the comfy city riads is a must for sure.

For this, the Casablanca riad of Dar El Malaika would be a great stay choice for you and your family.  The façade beauty will never let you return without capturing it in camera. It has an enthralling ambience with a small turquoise pond, the hued flower beds and vegetation, beauteous arches and super cozy beds.

Casa-Mers Sultan

It is a complete placating package with all the perks that you even dream for an ideal Casablanca stay. This apartment contains a fully equipped kitchen, a comfy bed and a sound living room. This apartment staff also provides the visitors with the washing machine to wash their clothes.

This apartment is right at the heart of the city with all the major attractions surrounding this building.

Imperial Casblanca Hotel and Spa

It is one of the famous relaxing stay sites for the locals, tourists and guests alike. The spacious air-conditioned rooms with modern accommodation services make this Spa Casablanca hotel an ideal stay station.

You can also reach here right in evening within 20 minutes after a daylong shopping in Morocco Mall.

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