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Best Types of Backpack

We have said that there are backpacks for every need, the types on the market range from the most common uses, such as the transport of books, to more specific uses such as trekking, designed for long walks in the mountains, or as the bag that should be ready to accommodate the camera and all accessories connected to it.

But let’s look better, and specifically, the types of backpacks in the market.

Trekking or Hiking Backpacks

This type is designed to accompany during long walks in the mountains. It can be of variable size, more or less large depending on the time of the excursion; it is equipped with several exterior pockets where you can put everything you need to have on hand (hooks, small tools, cords …). On the side always has two compartments, usually in the network, where to put the water bottles.

The interior can be divided into two parts, accessible independently. The dimensions that, in each case, are higher than average, include mandatory belts at chest and waist height, which release the weight and relieve back fatigue. The larger models are equipped with a compartment to accommodate the sleeping bag for any night stop.

Fridge or Thermal Backpacks

The refrigerator backpacks are mainly used for short trips out of town or campsites. The dimensions are not very large, although they have appreciable capacities. They are made of insulating materials that allow maintaining a constant temperature inside, depending on what is stored.

There are a main compartment and several fronts or side pockets. Some models are equipped with a pocket or hook for a water bottle.

Backpacks for PC / Notebook

It is an ideal product for those who want to always have the PC with them to have access to all its functions at all times.

It is a compact model, which we could define as a minimum, without too many compartments or external pockets, but with a spacious and soft interior pocket suitable for storing the laptop and secured by a belt (usually with velcro closure).

Inside there are small pockets where you can store sheets of paper, personal or commercial documents, mobile phones, pens, and small accessories.

Travel Backpacks

It is the most elegant type of backpacks. It is usually equipped with long zippers and is suitable, by weight and size, for air transport as carry-on luggage to carry with you.

There will be no large external pockets, but small openings with retractable zippers (or however visible they may be) where to store small things or personal documents.

Some models are foldable and ultralight or are equipped with small wheels and a retractable handle, to make it as practical as a carrying case.

Anti-Theft Backpacks

Also in the market, we can find models of anti-theft backpacks, with locking systems through a combination system of 3 digits as well as hidden compartments to make it difficult for them to easily steal the contents of our backpack, especially when we carry a tablet or a laptop.

Bicycle or MTB backpacks

This type differs from the previous ones by its particular shape that adapts perfectly to the back and the laces at the waist and chest that allow perfect stability of the accessory.

When used, the bicycle or mountain bike should move as little as possible so as not to cause loss of balance.

The size is small, as is the capacity.

However, there are many small compartments and external pockets easily accessible.

Motorcycle Backpacks

Very similar to that of the bicycle, motorcycle backpacks differ in one detail: the backrest provides greater protection capable of absorbing shock.

Photo Backpacks

They are designed for photography professionals. They must be robust, practical, safe, and above all, comfortable.

All camera parts are housed inside and, therefore, all accessories must be protected against impacts.

The comfort of the padding that has to absorb shocks is, therefore, essential. It must also be safe when opening; the accessories must not run the risk of falling but must be firmly inside.

There are different versions: with two straps, one-shoulder with reverse openings (that is, it opens inwards instead of outwards) or carriage version, with a retractable handle and comfortable wheels.

Emergency backpacks (or first aid) –

As the name implies, this model contains first aid material. Inside there are several transparent compartments, to facilitate the identification of what it contains, where sanitary materials can be easily introduced.


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