The place of the wedding venue is probably the most important factor to take into account to start planning a wedding since many of the aspects that will come later will depend on it, such as the dress code, the decoration of the wedding, the type of banquet, etc. This is probably also the element in which you should invest the most money when budgeting for your wedding.

For this reason, Jalsa Lawn guides you through this adventure and gives you 5 tips to choose the venue for your wedding.

1. Consider the Best wedding venue Geographic location for Celebration

Many couples choose the place of the wedding very close to where they live, especially to avoid logistical problems and to facilitate the transfers of the guests and thus avoid setbacks.

On the other hand, others choose to have a destination wedding and take advantage of the “pretext” of the wedding to travel and spend a few days with their guests in another city or a more distant point of geography. Whatever your case, you must take into account the accessibility of the place so that your guests can attend your celebration without problems.

Best wedding venue

For this we recommend you facilitate the transfers and the different ways to arrive; Whether you provide transportation to your guests or send them a detailed sketch of the location, you must ensure that everyone has the necessary information and that no one is left in doubt.

Distance between ceremony and banquet at indoor and outdoor wedding venues

Try to have the ceremony take place in a place as close as possible to where the afterparty will take place. In fact, it is best to take advantage of and hire a place that has different spaces within the same complex to carry out both the ceremony and the banquet without having to travel.

A space that has a chapel and an adjoining room for the party is ideal for those who are going to celebrate a religious wedding. Outdoor space for the religious ceremony and an annexe space for the banquet will be the most recommended for those who will only celebrate a civil wedding.

Distance from hotels and accommodation

At every wedding, there are guests who need a place to sleep or accommodation during the wedding weekend, so it is important that the wedding venue has nearby hotels and try to negotiate a special price for the wedding guests.

The Best Greenhouse wedding venues

If you like the concept of having married in a lush, herbal place that remains adorable yr round, a Greenhouse can be the appropriate wedding ceremony venue for you. Greenhouses provide a big gain because you won’t need to fear approximately the climate in your wedding ceremony day. You’ll sense like you’re out of doors even as being properly out of the elements.

greenhouse wedding venue

2. Consider the location of the wedding venues and the infrastructure of the environment for the invitations

You must inform yourself and take into account the infrastructure of the place, how many spaces does it have? How big is its extension in square meters? If you have a garden, halls, etc.

Ask all these questions and think about what really interests you, if you are not looking for an excessively large or luxurious place, do not overpay, but keep in mind the original idea you have about your wedding and make the most of the space. Don’t miss the best gardens for weddings.

Exterior and interior spaces

There are venues that have several different spaces to celebrate the different stages of your big day. In a space with a garden and lounges you can, for example, take advantage of the garden to hold the civil ceremony and the cocktail and then move to one of the lounges and enjoy the banquet and the after-party.

If the wedding venue you have chosen has several different spaces, take advantage of them.


Keep in mind that on the wedding day, those who have to travel will not only be you and your partner, there will be around 150 guests that you have to take into account and try to make things easier for them.

For this, we recommend you find out how to access the different rooms of the chosen place. If among your guests there are older people or small children, you will have to consider that the place has ramps in addition to steps or elevators if it is on a high floor.

Plan B for the wedding venue in case of bad weather

The weather can be a real problem on your big day, if you celebrate an outdoor wedding and there is a forecast of rain you will need to have an ace up your sleeve.

If you don’t prevent this type of setback, bad weather can ruin the most important day of your life. When something happens, don’t put too much faith in what the news reports and look for alternatives.

3. Ask About Exclusivity for the weddings venue’s Celebration

Before signing any type of agreement with the place, ask clearly about this issue. Find out if on that day they will celebrate only one wedding or several. This aspect is of vital importance because you must be clear about it before planning the activities and schedules of your celebration.

Exclusivity and available hours

All the celebration spaces have schedules, even more so if they are going to organize several weddings on the same day. If this is the case, you must be very clear about how many hours you have, since many places have a time limit to hold a wedding or a time limit to end the party.

Find out and take into account each of these aspects before making a final decision.

4. Calculate the number of guests for the wedding venue 

Minimum of guests

There are spaces that have certain types of limitations in terms of the number of guests, on the other hand, there are others that carry out any type of wedding, regardless of their size. You must be clear about the number of guests you will have and take care that this number does not increase or decrease excessively once you have hired the place.

Ask the people in charge of the place what is the minimum number of guests required and how many guests you can have in case of extending the list throughout the planning.

Remember that the wedding totally depends on the guests, based on this assessment if that place is the right one for your wedding and never invite more people just to fill the wedding, this will make you spend more and invite people who are not really close to you.

If guests fail, what will happen?

It is very convenient to know what policies the place you choose has in this regard. You should ask what happens in the event that all your guests do not arrive, if the place reimburses you for what you have paid for them or if, on the contrary, it penalizes you if more people than you anticipated arrive.

5. Open bar prices weddings venue Celebration 

In many places, they include the open bar in the final price of the banquet per person, in others, you have to pay separately for all drinks. Ask what the wedding venue offers, what will have to be paid separately, what is the price of drinks per person, etc. Sometimes including everything in the same package avoids unnecessary expenses.

open bar for wedding venue

Decoration, lighting, etc.

This is very important! Does the wedding venue have its own vendors? Will you charge extra for hiring your own suppliers? Keep in mind that many places do not allow external providers since they have agreements with some and offer them within the same package.

Also, ask if you can bring your own wedding planner, even if they already have other types of services. Informing yourself about this aspect will save you a lot of money on the final account.

Assembly services: what do they offer

Make sure that the venue is quite flexible and helps you with everything you are going to need on your big day. No one would like to not have staff to set up the tables and set up the decorations and have to do it with their own hands.

For this reason, you should consider who will be in charge of assembly and disassembly.

Cancellation insurance For wedding venues

When you are going to plan a celebration as big as a wedding, you have to be very farsighted. All couples want everything to run smoothly and for there to be no setbacks at their wedding, but few prevent the most common conflict situations. The destination is not written, so you should ask what would happen in the event of a cancellation.

Does the place have insurance if you cancel? Do they assure you a minimum amount to recover in case of unforeseen events? We know that no one wants that moment to arrive, but what if someone gets sick before the wedding? or if bad weather prevents guests from traveling.

We recommend you inform yourself and have insurance that covers the cancellation of the wedding.

As you may have noticed, there are many things to consider when choosing the place where your wedding will be held. It’s important to be informed and proactive in situations that may arise during the celebration, from accessibility to insurance in case of cancellation.