The Winter wedding is a beautiful season for weddings because there is so much to enjoy, from the crisp air and holiday entertainment to the bright color palette.

Winter weddings are quickly overtaking summer weddings as the most popular season to exchange vows. Even if the evenings are darker, the sparkles are brighter, the mood is happier, and the entire day is filled with romance. Not to mention, many wedding dates will be far less expensive!

Best winter weddings and amazing ideas cozy wonderland

Even though it may be dreadful outside, your wedding will be wonderful. You’ll fall in love with the concept of a mystical winter destination wedding after seeing these pictures! Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite winter wedding inspiration if you’re thinking of saying “I do” during the colder months.

Select a Winter Wedding Venue and Location

Selecting a location that truly fits the season is the simplest approach to creating the ideal ambiance for your winter wedding. A room that is all white for the ceremony or reception looks stunning decorated in a winter wonderland motif, while a rustic barn can capture the chic ski resort atmosphere and the joy with the best wedding planner. So be sure to check out your location at night to see what kind of lighting it has and whether the atmosphere is cozy and welcoming enough for your big day.

Winter Wedding Location

Winter wonderland theme in seasonal colors

You don’t have to have a winter wonderland or Christmas theme if you don’t want to. Obviously, crisp blues, silvers, and whites can look amazing, but rich purples, emerald greens, and other jewel colors always look sophisticated and elegant. In contrast, regal gold and cream combine warmth and style. If your date is close to Christmas, there will be plenty of opportunities for festive fun. Consider baubles, fairy lights, holly wreaths, and other decorations. Many destination wedding venues will have their own decorations up at this time of year, saving you money. Just make sure you ask about the color scheme and that it matches the look you’re going for.

The Best Winter wedding dresses for Guests

A blanket package will be well received during your wedding ceremony. Put a lovely basket of blankets near the door because guests may be sitting for a while and become chilly; this is crucial if you have older visitors. Make sure to have plenty of hot beverages on hand, such as mulled wine, and warm spiced cider. A self-service hot beverage station with tea, coffee, and hot chocolate will also be popular.

Fairy lights that are romantic

When it comes to wedding photos, a fairy light wall offers such a romantic backdrop and it’s lovely to look at as well. Wrap fairy lights around banisters and rafters, use them as table centerpieces inside lanterns, hang them from trees, or line paths with them. If your location can accommodate one, it really does create the perfect atmosphere.

Cozy comfort meals

This is the time of year for warming dishes that will keep guests warm. The best options are a hearty roast dinner, a traditional pie, and something warm in the evening, like bacon buns, cheese toasties, or cones of hot, salty chips. Consider providing food as a favor as well. Treats like homemade mince pies, fudge, truffles, or holiday cookies will be a hit with your guests.

Winter Wedding

Embrace the fireplace for the chilly wedding night

 Although lit fireplaces make a space cozier and warmer, not every location will have them available (or you might be lucky and not require the weather for a fire!). In that instance, use the mantle pieces as the foundation for an elegant flower arrangement with candles entwined. Ask your wedding planner to use pure white flowers if you want something lighter. These deep crimson flowers give your wedding venue a lovely gothic feel.

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