Blogging Guide to Make Money for Fresher’s

Are you a blogger or want to start blogging? If yes then you are at right place, in this article I am going to describe a to z of blogging, this will help you to make money from your home, Blogging is not a tough task, there is only a big challenge which is content writing, if you can content writing then you can do a lot in blogging and will defiantly make a successful career.

So if you really want to start blogging then you need to read this guide, here I am going  to describe all about blogging.

What is a blog?

A blog is type of website, where a publisher writes about particular topic. It’s a regular updated website. Here are many websites where you will find that both the blog and the website are different, but it’s not like that, blog is basically the type of a website.

To create a blog, you only need a domain and server, if you have both of them, you can create a blog.

In fact most of the blogs are created by the purpose of the earning and there are some people who do it just as a passion, if you want to make a blog with earning purpose then you have to take care of many things which I will tell in this article.

How to start a blog?

Creating a blog is very easy if you really want to create a blog, and then follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Select Niche

In step 1 you have to select the category, category means that you have to select a topic about which you will write, usually people select some category which is their hobby or they like to write about it more, like Some people write blogs about food recipes, home remedies, astrology, cricket, digital marketing or technology.

So you have to choose the category first, what you would like to write about or what you know more about.

Step 2 – Decide a Name of Your Blog

After selecting the niche, you will have to register your blog name in the World Wide Web. Registering a name is not a big task, to register a name, you have to go to the domain registrar’s website like or

Step 3 – Buy Hosting and create a blog using wordpress

WordPress is one of the leading CMS that you can use to create  any type of website, before starting on wordpress you also need to buy hosting from a website hosting or server provider company like,, if you bought website hosting then you need to start creating your blog/website. Here I am also going to share Free WordPress tutorial that will help you to create wordpress website.

Step 4 – Start Promoting Your Blog

You cannot access anything without promotion, so you have to start promoting your website, if your website has been ready then you need to promote it on the platforms like, facebook, Instagram to grab the audience.

As per my experience, creating and designing a blog is not a big job, but promoting the blog to the people is a gimmick.

In Conclusion

Here in this article, we discussed the steps that you need to follow to get success in blogging, there are many more points in blogging that we will share in future with new blog post on this blog. If you want to learn blogging then I recommend you to visit, there is the list of institutes that provides digital marketing course in Delhi at very competitive price.


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