Chadar Trek Frozen River

The beginning of the journey

The journey begins in the mountain city of Leh. Leh can only be reached by plane, and the snow makes it appear white. You can see the snow capped mountains from the flight to Leh at an altitude of 11,400 meters. The tour runs along the frozen Zanska River in winter. February will be the best time to cross the ice. During this period, ice is usually more stable. The glacier journey started in the small town of Chilin and was frozen from the beginning. The other side of


ice is usually as healthy as possible. It is important to find safe routes and unstable plates and always consider the ice conditions under your feet. Walkers have the ability to camp in basements along the river, for example in the local area, and build the best ice tents. The setting is almost 20 ° below freezing and will decrease after sunset. It is recommended to wear comfortable, layered clothing as much as possible. It also helps warm the body and prevent cold brittleness and freezing of the blood. is safer than sorry.

4 also recommends that you always pay attention to icing. Several factors must ensure safe driving. The ice and hikers base is the most important. The following steps:

· Hikers should understand the condition of the ice sheet.

· The ice rift can be stopped. It is where

· snow covered areas are usually the best way to hike.

· Also, skating can be found in some places and must be followed carefully.

· Unforeseen cracks stepped on the foot, must work harder immediately.

· Ice is not a friend of walkers, you should always consider it and the weather, especially when choosing a camping location.

· equipment and trekking information

trekking equipment needs to be brought from home, because there are not many places to buy supplies in Leh in winter. Simple foods such as instant noodles that can be preserved and produced are a good supplement. It is recommended to use the best time of the day before you start to keep your trip warm and vigorous, you should always have enough. In these cases, ice axes, hiking boats and several layers of additional warm clothing are mandatory. Camping in a cave is recommended, such as when locals cross the river, but this is optional. However, since the definition is not local, it may not be enough, and tents are also desirable.

Adjusting to the day

You will land at Leh airport, which is one of your favorite airports. Just before landing, you will be impressed by the two snowy peaks. You will be welcomed. When you arrive at Leh Airport, you should keep warm when your temperature drops unexpectedly. Beanies and sweaters are suitable. After arriving at the hotel, you will have time to relax. Later in the evening, you can do last-minute window shopping at Leh Market. In Leh, the cold temperature will drop only when you start to walk through the frozen Zanskar, which is very important for you. During the daytime from late January to mid-February, the temperature ranges from -10 to -15 degrees.

Medical Examination Day

Today is the big day. Decide whether to continue on this day. Get up early and enter the medical camp as soon as possible. Because the visitor is in a hurry, the test takes less time. In the late afternoon, we completed some insurance procedures. If the test shows that you are not fit for the Chadar trek, it is not necessary. For reimbursement plans, contact your Trek coordinator.

Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave

Chadar is one of the hikes where altitude cannot be reached in quick succession. From Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave, it is 400 feet high, slowly but step by step (6-7 hours). After a cold night in a tent at Tsomo Paldar, enjoy breakfast to refresh yourself in the morning. In this cold climate, the much-needed cup of hot tea is special (Tsomo Paldar: 11,500 to Tibb Cave: 11,800). This tour has some of the most amazing frozen waterfalls you can see before entering the next campsite, Tibb Cave. Time freezes and cascades down. There are too many misunderstandings in town and the cause of these frozen waterfalls is unknown. At the center of this trip, you can have lunch in Tibb’s cave on the mighty Zanskar trail and enjoy the greenish water.


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