Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans For Faster Performance

Looking to upgrade cheap dedicated server hosting, firstly, understand not all specialized services are the same, and also, not all service providers equip you with the same services, so it is little difficult task to select which service provider is suitable for you. Hence, let’s talk about some of the features of a dedicated server that might help to choose the best company available for us. When you go for a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting, you have an opportunity to select your operating system. In this way, you can keep on using the same application you are using before upgrading and any application you are comfortable with so, look for a provider who gives you the freedom to select your Operating System.

Server Configuration and management 

Along with the operating system, you also can get full control of the server configuration. That can help you to manage your online website properly.


Security is a crucial factor when you are trading online or doing any online business. If your server is hacked, business goes offline. So, when you choose a cheap dedicated server hosting company, make sure it has good firewall protection not only from the online hackers, but their equipment also stands the physical breach because DATA IS THE NEW OIL, and nobody wants to lose the oil.

High availability and technical support

If you are seeing for a server that runs critical applications or shopping sites and if that is going offline for a minute, that can cost you a lot of money, and that can be turned out disaster for your Company. While choosing a hosting, go for a service provider that gives you 24X7 service support, and elite class technical support must be your priority. If you are going for a Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting, their service must be so good that your server should stay online more than 99.5% of the time, set your perimeters high if you are doing business.

How to choose a web Dedicated server hosting website?

Firstly, you are doing business or something like that, so when you purchase a service from any of the websites, then just compare their prices and services provided by the website. Check how many data centers Onlive Server has, because the number of data center helps in better connection, availability, speed and security services like CMS Installation, Custom Application, Security Services, Control Panel, Proxy Setup, Backup Server, VPN Server Setup, VoIP Server setup, Project Development Game and Server setup Server. So, it would help if you noticed their availability for technical support services website must have 24X7 service.

Onlive Server is one of the cheapest and web Dedicated server hosting website you can check their website; it is a perfect platform option if you are just a starter or intermediate. Onlive Server has very engaging planes, too many global data centers with 24X7 technical support providing services in more than 30 countries, and many more countries and provide all the features we talked about and more. So, go for a platform that suits you the most. Finding the solution and the root cause of the problem is their primary motive.

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