Choose a successful and stylish outfit! 2020 winter fashion trends for the full

New-season – troublesome time. Fashion is constantly changing. And this means that it’s time to go for new dress design stylish things and accessories. If thin ladies do it quite simply, then girls with uniforms have to tinker with the choice of clothes. How to choose a successful and at the same time fashionable outfit? Here are the trends of winter 2019-2020 for women with forms.


We all know what role a beautiful skirt plays in the wardrobe . It is she who is able to simultaneously emphasize the waist and legs. Therefore, for girls with curvaceous forms, stylists have developed a number of suitable styles: from classic to flared skirts. These include straight-cut skirts, A-shaped models, with a smell and a cut. Do not push aside the bell-shaped skirts. A good option would be a model covering the knees. As for the fabric, the trend is satin and silk.


Dresses are an equally important element of women’s wardrobe. They emphasize all grace and elegance. For owners of magnificent forms, new dress designs  stylists recommend dresses with a belt and an elongated cut. For the office style, one-piece options and models with vertical stripes are suitable. Dresses with a sleeve ¾ will be a winning solution, which will hide the excessive fullness of hands.

The most relevant will be dresses with an A-shaped silhouette, in the form of a case and in the Greek style. Even girls with curvaceous shapes have a different figure. To choose the right dress, it is worth following the following recommendations. If you want to hide large breasts – give preference to vertical patterns. Big belly? Choose a bathrobe or basma. A dress with a neckline will be able to emphasize the chest.


For full ladies, trendy straight-cut sweaters with cuts, long sleeves and a rounded neck. They will make you feel especially attractive and comfortable sweaters from knitwear. Stylists proposed many models of sweaters, pullovers and cardigans from knitted fabric.


As for trousers, in this case straight-cut trousers will look great. They should not have a narrowed or flared legs, or any additional decor. Color is important to choose a restrained, solid color.


Time to move on to choosing outerwear. She can not always hide flaws, but correcting them is simple. Choose straight, flared and free models. A cocoon coat will distract attention from the lush hips. To highlight the waist, wear a coat with a belt. A cape will look more than harmoniously on a full-bodied figure. Perhaps in the new season they will take the lead.

In the world of fashion, there are a thousand solutions for any figure. Love yourself in stylish images is much easier. Go ahead, we hope that our recommendations will help you.

Signs that it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe

Most women love shopping, but sometimes you have to restrain yourself. If your wardrobe is full of clothes and you are not happy yet, perhaps you should radically rethink your concept of style.

Here are a few arguments that can serve as a good reason for shopping. If you recognize yourself in at least one of them, then it is time to update your wardrobe, and as soon as possible.

Choosing a style is a science

There are different concepts for choosing clothes. Some believe that anyone can wear anything that’s comfortable. Others to create a style determine the color type and even the psychotype of a person. Fashion is also important for a professional stylist, and you – your body, age, occupation, haircut, and even your voice.

It is worth combining several prints The “nothing to wear” problem usually lies in the random purchase of clothing, which is difficult to combine. Do not forget that fashion today gives you tremendous freedom. You can combine different patterns and textures, so experiment.


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