Common Windows Error Codes and How to Fix Them

You might be wondering which those common Windows error codes are and which are the best ways and methods to fix them? Here you can check out that!

This is a common situation when your Windows enter into the mode of experiencing lots of errors.

You need to follow specific tips to handle these error codes. Check out the solutions about these error codes and you can see this site to know more on Windows, PCs, and Mac OS.

System error code 2

Firstly, we have this system error code 2 and you get this message your system has failed to find the file that you have specified and mentioned to Windows.

To solve this error code, you have to uninstall DUN and NCP. Furthermore, to get rid of this error code, you have to reinstall NCP and also DUN so that you can find out the specified file of yours.

Error code- 5: Access Denied

Moving to this Windows error code-5, this coded message tells you that your Access is Denied.

To remove this error, the user has to keep on checking and verify whether he has entered and typed the correct username or not.

You have to enter the correct password.

Run time error code 5

When your Windows starts to show this error of code 5, it means you get the message of an invalid procedure call.

Besides, to solve this error, it is important for you to cool boot your computer. Or you can check the Ram and also swap the file of your PC.

Error code 20

When your Windows system fails to look and find out the specific device, then you are going to get error code 20.

The simple solution to get rid of this error code is to check your modem condition. You need to verify whether you have chosen the right modem.

You can even reinstall your device and select it for one more time.

Error code 71

The error message appears in the form of that no more connections are permitted and allowed, it is this error code 71.

To seek its solution, you can see how many individuals have connected their devices with your network.

Furthermore, you can check the service or get in touch with your internet service provider.

Error code 380

The message of invalid proper value tells us that your Windows are having and experiencing code 380.

If you do not want to see this error again, then it is recommended to point your autodial completely to the right dialer.

Or Another option for you is to reset your dialer.

Windows error code 600

You should know what can be done if your Windows shows this error code of 600! This error message tells us that your Windows operations are pending.

The best solution to solve this error is to reboot your computer. Besides, you need to check that none of the programs are using your modem.

Beyond, the last solution available for you is to check whether your Windows system is spyware free or not.

Error code 601

This error educates and informs you about this situation that your port handle has now become invalid.

If you often get and receive this error, then it is constantly advised to reboot your computer. Or you can reinstall your modem settings.

You can further reinstall any of the components and elements of your dial-up networking.

Error code 602

If your PC port is already open, then you are going to receive this error code 602. The first handy solution that can solve this issue is to reboot your PC system.

Moreover, you have to uninstall your AOL adapter or you are allowed and advised to reinstall your dial-up adapter.

The other solution that is made to solve this issue, it is to deactivate and disable your quicken download manager.

You can check your modem settings or you can do this verification whether your Pc is spyware-free and adware-free.

Error code 603

When your caller buffer starts to get too small, then error code 603 comes and appears. The solution to eradicating this problem is to configure your port settings.

You can process and run this configuration all up to a low speed. Furthermore, you can check your FIFO settings. It is even advised to reinstall your dial-up networking components.

Error code 604

If you do not have any idea about this error code 604, then you can get the required details from here.

When you specify the wrong information, then this error comes on your screen. The solution to correct this problem is to enter all correct details of username and password.

In addition, you can reset your dialer and reinstall your entire dial-up networking components.

Error code 605

Here comes this error code 605 and it tells us that you cannot set up your port information.

The possible solution to handle this error is to reset your dialer or you can reinstall these dial-up networking components of yours.

Error code 606

When the port is not linked and connected, then error code 606 arrives and the solution to deal with this problem is to reinstall your modem settings.

If you can think of some other solution to deal with this submitted error code, then you can share that with us.

Error code 607

When any of your computer events becomes invalid, then error code 607 comes.

To deal with this common error, you have to check and keep an eye on your event log settings.

You can set up the correct and genuine settings of your modem drivers. Or you can keep the performance of your modem up to date and top-notch.


This is the complete list of computer windows error codes that we have identified for you and you can now apply these solutions to get rid of these error codes.

Keep tuned and connected with us as well.

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