Different Cultures, Different Attires

Every country has many cultures that reside inside it and each culture has their own form of self-expression, most culture show off their culture and heritage through clothing. Attire is the most common form of self-expression, it is easy, subtle and gets the job done without a big fuss about anything, it is just a simple way of being proud of one’s culture and showing that pride in an article of clothing. There are many different things clothes can define, clothes can be signified based on not only culture but also nationality, religion, race and wealth. Clothes can tell you a lot about a person, so let’s take a look at some of the most famous cultures and their choice of attire:

Desi culture

The desi community consist of a large chunk of south and northern areas of Asia, most commonly the people of Pakistan and India are known to follow this culture the most, this culture has been shared between the two countries from the time of the Mughal rule, both countries used to be united and were ruled on by Muslim kings, after this era when the British took over, people worried that their culture and heritage will be tampered with and might be lost as well, that is why most people denied to get education as it was in English and they wanted it to be in Urdu as that was the national language before the British. It was after the separation of India and Pakistan that both the countries started to have some differences in their cultures but overall even after the few changes both countries still share pretty much the same heritage. Pakistani people wear shalwar kameez as their traditional dress, while Indians prefer a kurta over a dhoti as their national dress, both are usually made of cotton and are not that far off from each other, you can also check out women attire on online dupatta store.

Middle Eastern culture 

Middle Eastern people are a little more conservative than any other group of people, these guys hold their religion very close to them, this culture is followed in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Palestine and some cities of UAE, these countries are all Islamic states and follow the teachings of Quran and sunnah very seriously, these countries also have Friday as a public holiday due to the holy day and the congregational prayers of jummah. The attire this culture follows for men is thopes which is a long type of kurta that goes down to the ankles and for women it’s not specific but they almost always have to cover themselves up with an abaya.

Asian culture

Asia is a huge continent but most of central and northern Asia is covered by japan and china which from a far seem to share the same culture but when you compare the two side by side you can find a ton of differences, these two countries are the powerhouse of Asia as these two countries produce more than half of the items people use on a daily basis, but both countries and the people that live in these countries are also completely different, first there is the lingual difference, in china, mandarin is spoken and in japan Japanese is spoken, there is an also a great deal of difference in food, Chinese people have a very distinctive eating pattern than everyone else their dishes are quite exotic and not everyone is a fan, on the other hand Japanese are quite healthy eaters which has been linked to them living a longer and much healthier life. Just like that there are differences in clothing as well The Hanfu, Zhongshan suit (Mao suit), Tang suit, and cheongsam (qipao) are the four most distinctive types of traditional Chinese clothing. While traditional dress of Japan is the kimono. Kimonos, which are generally made of silk, have large sleeves and reach from the shoulders all the way down to the heels. They are tied with a wide belt called an obi.So these are some cultural dresses from different parts of the world, these dresses all hold a special place in the hearts of their wearers and it is a form of self-expression, in this age of the internet if you really want to embrace someone’s culture or respect that culture by dressing like them you can check out things like abaya online.


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