Does Traveling Affect Ecosystem?

I was on my Family Holidays in Morocco last week and it was a unique experience. This is because we learned a lot about keeping our eco-system safe during traveling. Responsibilities of the traveler community are much more but how can they take part in conserving the environment? This was the real lesson we got. Are you interested to know the ways of how you can keep your environment safe during your holidays? Here we go!

Best ways to save your Environment While traveling:

Traveling has a great impact on the eco-system of earth. So what should we, the traveler community should do for this concern? Of course, the things which can save our planet earth. So here are some of the steps we have learned from the lectures, activities and practical examples in Morocco.

Respecting Environment, Our first Lesson in Desert:

Disturbing the beautiful Red dunes was never the intention of the environment-friendly traveler’s group. I was so happy that my kids were learning all this at a very young age. They will never forget the lessons and would be environment-friendly travelers I can hope.

What we had been told that we will travel by road on the Cars known for the desert rides.  We preferred to travel through camels. Weird? Yeah, it was, for the first time but when we came to know that we are giving our part in saving nature, we were enjoying all this. The cars known for the desert are a source of noise, pollution and disturbing the natural dunes. This was literally amazing.

Say Hello to the Wildlife from a distance:

Respect nature, it would respect you. If you are on your adventurous and natural trip and want to explore the wildlife, make it sure that nature would not get disturbed by you. You should be animal-friendly. In our trip to Morocco, we learned by examples.

Somewhere in Chefchouen, we had an option to ride the heights on donkeys but we were told to respect the animal. The donkey, a very cute animal would also get loaded by your weight and then make you reach on the heights, this is inhumane. Travelers should hike to the heights themselves.

We also had an option to visit an aquarium in Egypt and Dubai later in other trips. I’m happy to tell you that my kids rejected the offer and asked to visit the natural waters where they can see the water-life without disturbing nature. So even if you are in the woods, just keep this as a lesson, don’t disturb nature. It is the most beautiful thing on our earth.

Keep Clean the towns, Beaches, and Hiking tracks:

So when visit a town, beach spots or the mountains, just keep your crap with you, don’t throw that crap. You will bring a maximum of environmentally friendly things with you. For example, keep your water bottle with you, don’t have things with plastic wrappers.

I have seen many beaches in the world full of crap but some of them were so packed but clean. So as a traveler, you should keep the environment clean, it would give you back with saving the whole eco-system.

Paris, Cairo, Istanbul, Marrakech all the cities I visited were the ideal of their cleanliness. Remember, keep the places clean because it is the first and last impression to the travelers coming to visit the destination from other nooks of the world.

Respecting the Norms:

Is also comes in respecting the nature that wherever you are visiting should be respected. The cultural and traditional differences would definitely come to make you upset if you are not used to it. But you have to bridge the changes and make your trip more Happier.

If you see someone harming nature, you would not stop that local directly of course. Maybe it is the norm that you would not break anyway. You will observe how things work on new land and then react accordingly.

Spread the Environment Safety Awareness:

It is your responsibility as a responsible traveler to respect nature and tell others to respect nature. It is a keen responsibility for the locals and foreigners both to make a mutual agreement to save the eco-system collectively.

As we were on our Environment-friendly trip to Morocco and learned a lot, People in the world should arrange such trips to make it more effective. I regard Greta Thunberg a very bright star on earth. Kids in our societies got inspired by her and her ambitions, now they are more informed and sensitive about the environmental issues.

What important is aware of your kids about the importance of saving the environment. Arrange family holidays, and tell them with the practical examples. Traveling is harming the environment, okay. But it can be changed. Travelers can make the environment safe and make it possible to wrong the infamous notion.

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Written by Octavia Harley


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