During Chopta’s trek, I almost gave up!

I didn’t know that the short trip to Chopta chandrashila trek through Tungnath Chandrashila would be an adventure of a lifetime! “No one knows how wonderful traveling is until he puts his head on a familiar pillow,” Lin Yutang recently read a sentence that made me very emotional. “But this is more like an adventure. For me, I survived, and at that moment I wanted to go home, warm and comfortable!

The only reason I remember this hike is because I remember that I almost gave up!, I I don’t walk anymore. Sometimes it’s nice to go with a group of people. If I hike alone, I will be trapped in the mountains. I don’t care, but I will definitely lose luck! Traveling, we should reach Deoria Valley before sunrise, One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. From the city of Haridwar, our rhythm traveler took us to a town called Ukhimath in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. I am fascinated by the confluence of the holy river Ganges between Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. In the afternoon we reached the base camp and started walking towards the charming lake, which was only 7 kilometers away. We have prepared our tent for one-night camping in the luxurious meadows of Deoria Tal! This is a pretty gentle hike. Sorry to see the gloomy weather and clouds that cover the entire top of the mountain.

We arrived 5 minutes before sunset! I wouldn’t say we missed it, because cloudy weather didn’t see anything anyway. After a short visit to the valley, we settled in a tent. It rained because we had hot tea and sandwiches in the tent. I want a clear sky and a starry night, not what I imagined. But to my surprise, when I left the store, the dark clouds dispersed and filled a black sky covered with stars like diamonds. The stars are dazzling, the scene is quiet, and the eyes are calmer! There is nothing happier than being under the blanket of a star with your favorite playlist and a group of great people.

We went to bed early and saw the clear sky and wonderful sunrise on the roof of our tent. As the leader said, they were as white as doves. Chapter I have been watching one of the most beautiful scenery! At dawn, the peaks were shining, and before dawn I decided to bypass Tal. I took the camera and walked from all angles to capture the impressive peaks. We set off to Sari Town, where we saw the beautiful sunrise and enjoyed a hearty breakfast before taking a walk. In Chopta, we have another hike waiting for us. Chapter

The highest temple in Shiva God Realm is called Tongna Temple! I am very excited to hike to the top of Chandrashila Mountain. But the gloomy weather is back! This time, it also helps to lower the temperature. Our walking guide recommends that we pack raincoats and extra jackets in our backpacks. The road is impressive and the surrounding scenery is dazzling. We started walking towards the temple. We kept walking and the weather got worse.

When it started to rain, we were only 2 kilometers from our destination. I had nothing to cover so I put on my raincoat and started walking towards the teahouse a few feet away. As soon as I arrived, I saw a nearby temple, but I realized that it was not only raining, but also hail. I’m sure we can’t go any further, but our hike leader decided to take a break after lunch and wait for the weather to improve. When we drank a cup of hot tea and delicious beauty, the weather improved. I began to move to the temple and, from our team, I was the first person to reach the destination. I started exploring the area around Chandra Shla and was looking for a way. Soon after, others joined in and we have a very interesting image option. The weather continued to get gloomy, and our trek leader quickly told us that Chandra Hilla would not appear. We have all seen the logic, but we are still disappointed.


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