Ethical Hacking Tools – The Popular Tools All White Hats Use

In many ways, ethical hacking is all about the usage of the right tools at the right stage. The nature of digital vulnerabilities is often similar. Instead of working out the weak points in any given cyber system by combing through the entire source code, cyber security professionals use tools developed to weed out commonly known vulnerabilities.

When you visit the doctor if you have a cold, would the doctor straightaway recommend a full body scan and all other manners of medical tests? No, since you have a cold, the natural thing to do would be to use a thermometer.

Ethical hackers are expected to act in a similar way. They use tools, just as doctors use thermometers, to test a system for the vulnerabilities it has.

Generally, the tools used in ethical hacking are developed by another cybersecurity professional who routinely comes up against black hat hackers. The aim of any given ethical hacking tool is to replicate the kind of knowledge a mal-intended hacker might have, not to forget to create a simulated environment that resembles a cyber-attack.

In this article, we discuss some of the popular tools used by ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in a given digital system.  

Jack the Ripper

One of the most popular passwords cracking tools out there, Jack the Ripper operates by first detecting the encryption being used for the password in a digital system. Once it is able to guess it, it alters the password checking algorithm with brute force in order to bypass the system.

Given the fact that most software and online interfaces are protected by password-based authentication, protecting passwords becomes very important. Jack the Ripper helps check the strength of the system to withstand a black hat hacker.


Wireshark helps ethical hackers map all the different traffic on a given network and sniff out security and network problems. It is essentially a sniffing tool which helps ethical hackers weed out the problems a network might have and alerts ethical hackers to act upon them. Some of its interesting features include packet browser, VoIP analysis, optimal GUI, data exportability, and so on.


IronWASP is great in case you are new to ethical hacking and are more comfortable with a more GUI-oriented tool. It allows ethical hackers to perform full scans and highlight vulnerabilities from the first minute. It is a great tool to use while analyzing servers and consumer applications.

In Conclusion

Some of the most important tools in ethical hacking are covered in this article. In case you wish to learn how to put these tools to use and learn cyber security, consider joining our ethical hacking course in Delhi.


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