Finding the Right Wholesale Crystal Jewelry Supplier

Do you know that the jewelry business in the United States is worth more than $71 billion? Don’t you want to get a piece of this pie? If you want to focus on a particular type of jewelry then it is highly advisable that you try selling crystal jewelry.

Now more than ever it is easier to start a jewelry business. Nowadays, you don’t even need to open a physical store to sell jewelry. You can easily sell your products online through your website or an online shopping platform such as Shopify. But speaking of products, you need to have them first. How can you sell jewelry if you don’t have an inventory right? So before you even create your online store, you need to find a wholesale crystal jewelry supplier first.

Look for a local wholesale crystal jewelry supplier

Because of the Internet, it is now easy to find sources from outside our own localities. It can also be a bad thing though because there’s a chance we could miss out on good sources from our own towns and cities. So it’s a good idea to check for a crystal jewelry supplier near you first. There are many advantages to getting local suppliers. First, it is easy to pay a visit, especially if the supplier is located just a short drive away. It’s also reassuring to do business with someone whom you can meet face-to-face and shake hands with just like in the good old days. And when the time comes that the supplier needs to ship the products to your place, you can be sure that the shipping fee is affordable.

So before you look for a supplier outside your city or even outside the U.S., it pays to do a local search first. You can still do this with the use of Google or if you really want to go old school, then take out the Yellow Pages and let your fingers do the walking. You should look for bulk wholesalers and importers if you want to get the best price. Another good source is the chamber of commerce in your are. For sure they have a list of wholesale crystal jewelry suppliers in your town or city.

You can also get in touch with other jewelry sellers in your area and ask them for the sources of their products. Sure, many would be reluctant to share with you – a potential competitor – such an important piece of information. But you will be surprised at how helpful many businesses are especially to those who are new to the industry. A secret that many online sellers won’t share is that local department stores are a good place to get products to sell online, including wholesale crystal jewelry. But you need to wait for these department stores to have a huge sale or check out items that are on clearance.

Visit a trade show to find wholesale crystal jewelry supplier

Watch out for tradeshows that are being held in a location near you. These events offer a good opportunity to meet wholesale suppliers. If you can find a tradeshow dedicated to jewelry then it’s almost certain that you can find a wholesale crystal jewelry supplier there. Suppliers like to join tradeshows because these events allow them to showcase their products to potential buyers. These suppliers even pay good money just to be able to join these events. And one of the best things about these tradeshows is that they are being held all-year-round in different parts of the U.S. Going to these trade shows is worth your time and money even if it is being held out-of-town hundreds of miles away. If you’re planning to a trade show, you need to be sure that you have enough business cards to give away to suppliers.

Just type “wholesale crystal jewelry” in Google

If you don’t want to go far to look for a crystal jewelry supplier then Google is your friend. The best thing about Google is that it allows you to find suppliers that are located abroad. China is a good source of wholesale products, including jewelry.

To sell crystal jewelry is a wise choice because this type of jewelry is in demand right now. But whether you’ll succeed or not is hinged on finding the right wholesale crystal jewelry supplier.

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