Firewood Types:Which Firewood Types Should You Use?

There are different types of firewoods available in the market and always keep in mind that they all are not the same. The different tree species have different characteristic and their resultant firewoods are also different. Based on your location you may have enormous species of tree and you have to find the best one that can provide good firewood.

Here, in this article, we will discuss various types of firewood and their characteristics as well:

1. Hardwood

The hardwood can be used for various purposes such as fuel, tool, furniture, cooking, charcoal, etc. The hardwood can burn for a long time and provide good heat. But, it takes too long for the formation of hardwood.

The hardwood has high density and volume, therefore, they are good for campfires, cooking purposes and smoking meat as well. The hardwood can produce a good amount of heat and they can burn for a long time.

2. Oakwood

The Oak is easily available and Oakwood is popularly used for firewood. The oak tree does not grow very tall and can provide massive firewood. There are three common species of an Oak tree and that are northern red oak, white oak, and pin oak.

The Oak trees have dense wood, therefore, they burn for a long time and provide a good amount of heat as well. As the oak wood is dense, therefore, it needs high heat to make it burn.  You can make use of softwood to burn the oak firewood.

3. Maple Wood

The maple firewood is one of the best firewood options. This firewood can be used for smoking food and preparation of charcoal. The maple tree is a part of deciduous trees species and the firewood of these species’ good heating values.

Though it is difficult to cut down the branches of trees into firewood they provide optimum heat for a long time. The characteristics of maple firewood are somewhat similar to oak firewood.  The maple firewood is difficult to burn and it can burn for a long time.

You can use the trick of softwood which is mentioned earlier. You can use softwood to start a fire in maple firewood as well. This firewood produces less smoke and it is amazing when it is used for bonfire during parties.

4. Elm Wood

This type of firewood is very dense and it is easily available in various regions. The elmwood is strong, withstand strong winds and storm, grow rapidly and therefore it is widely popular among people. But, this type of wood is not the topmost choice for many people.

The elmwood is good to use but it offers less burning time and produces low heat as compare to Oakwood, maple wood, and hardwood. The Elmwood can provide decent heat value but it is difficult to cut it into small pieces.

Fortunately, dead elm tree is easily available because of elm diseases. Thus, Elmwood provides you a chance to get firewood for free. The elm trees are a good source for free firewood Sydney.

5. Cherry Wood

The cherry wood is widely used for creating wood beams or planks.  Therefore, cherry wood is widely used for the construction of furniture, cabinet, closets, etc.  The cherry wood has a reddish color from inside that looks beautiful.

Also, it produces a pleasant smell that can make your home fresh. Therefore, cherry wood is widely used by people who love the fancy scent. This tree produces sweet fruit, therefore, cherry wood produces sweet aroma while burning.

Though firewood does not burn for a long time as compare to other firewood it is mostly used by people because it produces good fragrance. The cherry wood provides medium heat, therefore, it is recommended to use cherry wood only for the mild winter season. They are perfect when the weather is mild and a little bit cold.

6. Chestnut Wood

This chestnut produces the worst type of firewood. Therefore, it is recommended to never use the chestnut wood as firewood. The chestnut wood has rich color and straight grain, therefore, it is good for generating fine furniture such as tables, chairs, and desks. The chestnut wood can be easily split into different pieces and it starts burning easily.

But, the chestnut wood produces a low flame and burn for less time. Also, it produces a lot of sparks and heavy smoke as well. You should never use chestnut as firewood. But, you can use it for burning up other firewood that needs a strong flame for burning.

7. Softwood

The softwood is highly-flammable, therefore, it can be burned up easily. This wood does not require much heat for the burning process. Thus, this wood is good as supplemental wood for burning hardwood.  The softwood is good for campfire because they easily burn up.

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