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FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

The workplace is like a second home to employees. It’s where time is mostly spent and consumed while you keep on working every day to fulfill both your dreams and your needs as a person. Just like your own house, your office is like that place which you have already memorized in every portion and corner.

As you become an essential part of the business in the office, your workplace also becomes the same thing to you. As a laborer, you deserve a good and healthy condition and well-being. It must not always be just about profiting sales, money and clients, but most especially, it must be also about the workers’ welfare. As an employee or as an owner, you must always keep in mind that health must be a top priority and that physical fitness should never be forgotten. 

Some might say, “Well, in our corporate business, we do not need too much of that physical fitness you’re talking about.” That’s wrong! Why? Because wherever you are and whoever you are, it is vital for you to be physically fit! In the office specifically, employees’ physical fitness is important, and below are x reasons why. Some fitness tips you should take note of are also included!


FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

You are literally present when you are physically fit. Employees really are, most especially when their bodies are in a healthy functioning condition. Physical fitness is fundamental for the almost perfect to perfect attendance of employees, not including leave credits! 

First of all, you will be able to properly and conveniently travel from home to work without any physical illness or deficiency hampering you from doing so. You can be physically present because your body is in good shape and state. There’s no need for you to be confined in your bedroom to rest or in a hospital to heal and recover.


FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

Because of physical fitness, employees are not just present but also punctual. Tardiness is avoided since your body is well-conditioned to wake up, move and work at the time you set yourself to do these activities.

For you to be physically fit, aside from eating well, you spend time to exercise and do some simple workouts. Even stretching and personal exercises at home, with or without any exercise equipment, will do! Additionally, enough proper sleep is chief! 

Remember that sleeping on time helps you wake up early without struggle! Moreover, when you gain sufficient sleep at night (a different case for those who work at night), you get the energy you need to rise up easily and move quickly the next day. Punctuality at work is another outcome of being physically healthy.


FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

You will notice how your mind cannot work completely and effectively when your body won’t cooperate. That’s because your mind and your body are connected to each other as they function. 

When your body is too tired and sickly, it’s not easy to come up with the right thoughts and sound decisions. That’s a problem if you come to work having little to no sleep and having a really exhausted body. When you are physically well, your mind is productive because everything goes and flows well in and out of yourself.

Furthermore, when you come to the workplace while there’s something wrong with any part of your body, your mind is affected in many ways. Sometimes, it’s very distracted since you are not feeling well and at the same time worried. Sometimes, your head also hurts as part of what your body is experiencing. Your mind reacts and performs good when your body is well.


FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

Try going to work when you are sick or when your body is “not used” to being healthy. You will end up being that haggard-looking and easily irritated person in the office, and no one can come near you since you’re usually not in a good mood. Physical fitness has something to do with that as well.

When you have a body that is in good working condition and feeling, you are more enthusiastic to move and take all the tasks assigned to you cheerfully. You are more active to join healthy discussions and to accomplish your work. You are always on-the-go because you are feeling great with your body and health in general!

Physical fitness also influences your liveliness when it comes to social relationships in the workplace. Without shyness and hesitation, you can greet anyone you meet and brighten up someone else’s day amidst the stressful pressures of your job. You are not just physically fit for yourself, but you also become a ray of sunshine to people within your workplace.


FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

Physical fitness enables you to become flexible in the office, both literally and figuratively.

First, literally, when you have a body that cooperates nicely with you and that you take good care of always, you can run here and there for office errands and assignments. You can reach for your cabinets, closets, drawers and shelves without problem. You can carry a box of papers to be photocopied, a bag of contracts to be signed and many more! 

In addition to that, you can even help those who need some help to carry heavy loads to their desks and tables. Some stretchings are needed at times in the office, and it’s a big point if you can achieve them right!

Second, figuratively, whatever task is given to you, you are flexible to attend to it. That is whenever and wherever too! If you are suddenly assigned to attend an emergency meeting in another office, you can. If your boss has an urgent request for you to prepare and produce papers and copies, you are able. If you have to temporarily fill in for you absent co-worker’s duty, though it might be a little bit against your will, you are capable of being perfect for it! 

Flexibility in the office is key.


FIT IN THE OFFICE: 6 Benefits of Physical Fitness In the Workplace

Since the office is an enclosed space for employees and for business owners too, it’s not impossible to communicate sickness from one person to another. You should be mindful about this, and do not ignore this fact. 

While there are solutions and measures like taking medications and taking rests from work, it is very much significant as well that you are physically fit. It’s a boon because your immune system works well! Your body’s resistance from sickness and diseases is strong and dependable. As humans, no one is exempted from getting ill at times. 

Always keep in mind that being physically fit does a lot, and it’s something everyone should be, and not just when you think you need it. Especially in the office, it would be great if everyone has a regular dose of physical fitness activities, so everyone gets healthy together as well!



Physical fitness is necessary not only for those working on physically demanding jobs and professions, but also for those in the corporate fields and offices. Actually, if you are in those industries, the need for physical fitness is even higher because the time you spend keeping your body physically active and healthy is limited and sometimes ignored.

When you are not fit physically, and you keep on tiring yourself out in work, you are hurting yourself, especially if you’re that workaholic type of employee or businessman. A lot of money or “passion and love for work” will not bring you a totally happy life at all if you are sick and unhealthy. 

Remember, physical fitness is not only having those muscular and slim bodies. You can be physically fit without possessing those kinds of built. What’s important is that you have regular exercise, balanced diet, strong immune system, healthy lifestyle and everything else that goes with these things. 

In the office, in the workplace, physical fitness is very important, more than you have ever thought of! Employees and business owners should never underestimate it!


Nicole Ann Pore knows the importance of being fit, healthy and disciplined, and she shares her interest and knowledge about it through research and writing. From various exercise equipment and routines to the correlation of fitness to life, Nicole creates content that informs and even entertains. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. 

Nicole Ann Pore


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