Five Steps in a Technical Risk Assessment

A technical risk assessment is a series of steps that weigh the chances of something going wrong in a business and how an employer would remedy them. Technical risk assessments in Australia usually consider the people, procedures, premises and plant. It’s not uncommon to do a technical risk assessment for every new product or process a business introduces and we’re going to outline the steps below.

Step One – Identify the Hazards

Everything you do has some hazards involved. This could mean changing a process or introducing new software into your business. You have to identify what could go wrong. Maybe your new software won’t be able to handle all of the tasks you put to it, or maybe it won’t work well for every department. Identifying these risks allows you to start thinking about how you would go about solving them before they happen.

Step Two – Decide Who Would Get Impacted and How

Which part of your business would be negatively impacted by software not working? Which employees would struggle the most with a change? If something didn’t work for shipping or taking orders, your front-desk staff may take a lot of backlash for it. It’s a good idea to make a list on the areas of your business that would suffer the most from the risks involved in your new software or process.

Step Three – Evaluate Any Risks and Put Precautions in Place

You want to logically evaluate any risks presented to your business or staff. Once you have a clear indicator of the risks, you can start putting precautions in place. These precautions may not totally elevate the risk, but they can help you remedy it when and if it does happen.

Step Four- Record the Findings and Implement Them

After you evaluate your risks and put precautions in place, you want to monitor them. Periodically record your findings and implement changes if something doesn’t work out. While this may not totally stop any downtime or issues, it can help you mitigate the length of your interruptions and get your staff back on track quicker.

Step Five – Review Your Technical Risk Assessment and Update

You’ll review your technical risk assessment once you get it in place for your business and update it as needed. As your circumstances change, your risk assessment can change. Keeping it updated is one way to ensure that your business stays running at peak performance.

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