Have you ever checked and assessed your resistance power?

If not, it’s quite natural because people often overlook the most important part. Powerlift is basically goes with the Olympic powerlifting bar. There are plenty of techniques athletics follow for the powerlifting process where they need to include right posture with sequential breathing. Olympic participants get trained for this with right posture and techniques. Here the dedication one deliver into making the grip bar bend is the main point of success; The same thing also done in deadlift, and other different resistance exercises as well.

But what kind of grip bar do you need?

Pick the right power lifting bar for your deadlift. Choose the correct grip resistance to overcome the current plateau.

Overhand Grip- pronated Grip.

The pronated grip is a very common grip implemented in probably most of the strength training programs. For this you need to keep your hands over the previously chosen Kettlebell, or dumbbell, while the knuckle should be in an upward direction. Here you just have to wrap around the bar which is basically known as closed grip should be around the bar. We never encourage open grip because you cannot regulate the bar with it with full control. The closed grip makes the thumb more preventive, so that it reduces the chance of fall off from the hand while performing exercises.

When to continue with pronated grip: you can go with closed pronated grip when you do any kind of weight lifting in the gym. Though we would suggest you choose a pronated grip for bench press, shoulder press, and barbell squat exercise.

Supinated underhand grip

The supinated grip is completely opposite to the pronated grip. Here your hands need to place under the bar so that the knuckle remains backward and in front of the floor. We categorize the closed supinated underhand grip. Here your thumb should be covered or wrapped over the bar which allows you to strengthen your grip at maximum extent. You can also implement this grip while doing pulling movements

You can use this supinated grip for vertical & horizontal pulling movements in inverted row, chin-ups, bent-over row, Lat-pulldown and row.

Alternated grip

It is a perfect amalgamation of two grips. All these two grips will be used in an alternative way. Keep your hand pronated and another hand in supinated form.  It is very natural for grip strength; this perfect combination boosts your ability to lift heavy objects.  It is also good for bar powerlifting.  With alternate grip you can leverage the maximum efforts of lifting. Here you need to place the alternate grip at a more comfortable position to avoid slipping off the bar from your hands. It is a very useful technique for bench press exercises.

We would suggest you to use this amalgamate exercise in deadlift variation including Traditional, Sumo deadlift, and spotting

Hook Grip

It is a non-traditional grip which is pretty hard to master but one can achieve it through practice.  Hook Grip is famous for its better result in terms of lifting. It is quite similar to the pronated grip, but the main difference is the thumb needs to be placed just below the index and middle finger. The main advantage of hook grip is you can combine alternate grip with it. Hook grip does not allow the bar from slipping off from your hands because of stable positioning of thumb and fingers. Thus, Hook grip is considered as the very effective grip for explosive movements including Snatching, and Cleaning.

There are many certificates available in weight lifting performance. Most of the certificates are based on Olympic lifts, Clean & Jerks, Hoops, and Snatches. These certificate courses are highly informative and valuable and allow you to provide training on powerlifting.  Here they convey a consistent message that stable position is very important in any kind of power lifting, hook grip is best for Clean & Snatch. Candidates who have attended these courses saw improvements in their capacity to grasp a bar with time.

Some people reported that they never feel comfortable while doing a powerlift. The main issue of powerlift is better comfort. Comfortability won’t come in one day instead you ‘ll get it over time with regular practicing. Undoubtedly Olympic lifting is not a easy job, if anyone wants to master it he/she has to invest their time and put efforts consistently. Therefore, they would gradually get decent control over the bar in their hand. In this case, we would suggest you to take the help of your fitness trainer and let her regulate your fitness training session

One can use this hook grip in between any exercise just like pronated grip, Clean and Jerk, Snatch, deadlift, and pullups.

To make your training more worthwhile, use a grip strengthener along with it to get better results. You can do a variety of exercises by setting up the resistance level as per your comfort, but you need to gradually increase the challenges.

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