Himani Chandorking Chadar Trek

Station … Most of the world where we live is almost considered. … I can not feel the dynamism of this life so that it can be natural … and this is the main experience you want after walking with a powerful Trekking of Chadar.

Mountain embracing can be confused to go to your plan to launch my plan for small, humble … and natural power.

CHADAR TO CHADAR- “LIFE OF CAPSULE” … This is the essence of this tour, gives you a full experience of life … 7 days, are you, we will take it and leave the possibility of life in all the senses!

What is the trekking of this chadal? Ladakh temperature fell at -35 ° C for

in winter. As the snow blocks the road, many towns are closed. One of them is the Zankar Valley. The village of Zanskar is connected to Leh by the rustic of wild rustic Zanskaru. In winter, the upper layer changes to the ice sheet and frozen. For hundreds of years, the premises used this route … Walk more than 70 kilometers over dangerous chadal during the winter for trade and transport …. but this route is that adventures are becoming increasingly popular and Among the most ambitious trekking. In the world, the only person from the frozen river you walk. General trekking walks on the frozen river and looks at the view while looking at the landscape, overwhelming beauty, steam, and field power.

This trekking must be adapted to extreme conditions. But this walk is all mentally very difficult. You can not think of the powerful Chadar Trek with any of these disadvantages

· When I left Baroda, I never thought about the change of my previous life.

· Trek Chadar is like other trips …

· Metaphoric, literally, both breathed …

· And the trip is cold February in the morning that started with

arrived at Leh. The manager plane announced the outside air when the flight came. – 10 ° C .. I had not experienced the temperature at zero before … and I was very excited and I was worried about knowing what he liked. As it was recommended to me and my husband Rohit, they joined four layers to ensure that sudden changes in temperature were not surprised. And when I left the plane, we were quite comfortable …

cold February in the morning we arrived. The outside temperature was announced when the plane arrived when the plane arrives … -10 ° C .. And he is very excited and he knows what he likes was worried. As it was recommended to me and my husband Rohit, they joined four layers to ensure that sudden changes in temperature were not surprised. And … when we left the aircraft, we were quite comfortable …

Our body had enough time to adapt to the hypoxic levels. So we spent a little for two days, except to visit rubber boots, heaters, socks, etc.

Last … and they joined our bag and our own 4 porters and our guide of Chamba Trek and everything they had. Well, travel to our cooling … Hiking from the point of departure Leh 65kms.

But because our tour operator could not find more people … Only two of us were using our guides and goalkeepers. We expected our group.

We stopped by Patharsahib Gurudwara on the way to cool down … Every time he visits this place, we will inject a peaceful feeling of unknown cause.

took approximately 4 hours before cooling. For landslides, we had to stop for a long time before the normal starting point of Trek.

At night, we made a wonderful Khichadi food as requested. The stove was sitting in its burnt shops, it was the heat we can get trekking! Our guide camera and our four NIMA, Dorjey goalkeepers, Things had five good men teams. The effort they made to make us comfortable and safe in Chadal, and I could not thank them enough. After , Khichadi bowls were cooked by our superior team (thanks to the loss of appetite) we retired to our store that was carefully compressed by the super warm sleeping bag.

As you experience the transformation of the camp all day …, for what it is cold, all our movements will be late, and finally we finally completed our work of the morning and Trekk, I prepared. 9:30 We went out to Shingra Koma Campground.

was walking for a few hours. Now that now I am from our campsite … but the extreme fatigue was developing and it felt strangely drought … I thought I had to leave 10 km on foot … I did not realize that my symptoms were gradually increasing. . The campsite came again … beautiful man on the side of the river … and decided to rest for a while for a while.


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