Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or attending one, tabletop decorations can help your party be the best event of the season. Balloons are one of the most popular types of table decorations used for holidays and special occasions. Here’s how to easily decorate your own holiday party tables with helium balloons.

Heart-Shaped Helium Balloon Greeting

Use a heart-shaped helium balloon to create a greeting for your party table. To make it, blow up the balloon and tie a ribbon to the end of it. Write a message on the ribbon with a marker. Then, tie the ribbon to the side of your table or chair leg.

Table numbers can be made with helium balloons that are cut into squares and taped together in columns and rows. Print out numbers onto adhesive paper and stick them onto the balloons before gluing them to each other. You can also use a marker to write on them instead of using adhesive paper if you want to save money by not buying adhesive sheets.

Centerpieces With Helium Balloons

How To Make Holiday Party Table Decorations With Helium Balloons

Helium balloons are a great way to decorate for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a cute centerpiece or want to make your event stand out, helium balloons can be used in many ways.

Here are some ideas for using helium balloons as table decorations:

If you are looking for a simple centerpiece idea, then this one is perfect! You will need helium balloons in various sizes along with ribbon and scissors or craft knife.

Start by tying the ribbon around the base of the balloon, then tie another piece of ribbon around the neck of the balloon. Repeat this step until all of your balloons have been tied together at their bases and necks. Make sure that you have enough extra ribbon so that it can hang down over your table. If you have any extra pieces of string leftover from tying together your balloons, then use them to hang up smaller ones around your room or venue as decoration (optional).

You can also add some flowers or greenery into this display by placing them inside each balloon before tying them together with ribbon. This will give it a more natural look and make it seem like they are floating on air!

Character Balloons Supplier In Dubai

Disney character balloons are great for your holiday party table decorations. They’re fun and festive, and sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Choose from a wide selection of Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. There are also many other favorite characters like the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and more!

These helium balloons are great for any occasion: birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties or even just to add some extra fun to your family dinner table!

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Balloon Chandelier

A balloon chandelier is a simple idea that will add a festive touch to your holiday table decor. You can use helium-filled balloons in a variety of colors and sizes, or you can use regular latex (rubber) balloons so that your guests can take them home as party favors.

1 Cut the top off each balloon and remove the knot from the top of the balloon.

2 Tie the end of one balloon to another one with a rubber band.

3 Attach more balloons together until you have enough to make a circle large enough for your table. If you want more than one circle, repeat this step until you have enough for both circles.

4 Hang the first circle of balloons at least 6 inches above your table using string or fishing line. You may also want to secure it with tape or small clips if there are no nearby walls or posts to hang it from.

5 Hang additional circles of balloons above or below your first circle to make it look like they are hanging down from somewhere else in the room (e.g., high ceiling).

Balloon Cupid Arrow

The first thing you will want to do is get some helium balloons. The key here is to make sure that the balloons are at least 18 inches in diameter. You can find them at any party store with a balloon section. Once you have bought your balloons, it’s time to decorate them!

First, tie each end of the ribbon in a knot at the bottom of your balloon. Next, cut out a heart shape from cardboard or paper and attach it to the top of your balloon with tape or glue. Next, get some ribbon, lace or string and tie it around the middle of your heart shape as shown below:

Next, take a Styrofoam wreath and spray paint it gold or silver (or whatever color matches your party). Attach this wreath to a stick so that it looks like an arrowhead (we used pipe cleaners). Place it over the ribbon on top of your balloon so that it looks like an arrow. Fill up all of your balloons with helium then hang them from trees outside or place them around tables inside!

Inflate Your Balloons

Choose your balloon size. The size of your balloons will determine how much helium you need, so make sure you choose a size that is big enough to fill up the space you want. Inflate your balloons. Make sure you have enough helium to fill all of your balloons. You can also inflate them at home and take them with you in an airtight container, or buy pre-inflated balloons from a party store or online. Tie up the ends of each balloon, making sure they are secure and not leaking any air out. If they are leaking air, then you will have to refill them with helium again later on.

Decorate your table with decorations like confetti or beads mixed into the balloon strings, or hang some tinsel for an extra sparkle effect!

 Batman Balloons

The Batman balloon is a great decoration for any party. It has the ability to stand up on its own and is easy to inflate. The balloon is a popular choice for kids’ parties because it can be inflated by mouth, making it more interesting than other kinds of balloons. If you want to add some extra pizzazz to your balloon decor, try adding some black marker or glitter paint onto the balloon before you inflate it.

Purchase Rose Gold Balloons

If you’re looking for a way to make your holiday party table decorations pop, helium balloons are a great option. This year, consider adding some rose gold balloons to your display. Rose gold is a trendy color that is often used in weddings and other special events, so it can be a great way to dress up your holiday table decorations.

Rose gold balloons come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy large or small balloons in all different shapes, like stars or hearts. You can also purchase rose gold foil-wrapped balls and rose gold paper lanterns that are perfect for hanging from the ceiling above your party table.

If you want to add more color to your holiday decor, consider using more than just one shade of rose gold balloons. You can mix and match various shades of pink and red to create a colorful display that will really stand out at your party!


A great thing about using helium filled balloons as table decorations is that you don’t have to worry about them falling over and breaking or you worrying about where to find a vase to put them in after the holiday party is over and done with. They’re sturdy, easy to move around and will cause no harm if some of your party guests decide to “play” with them.