How can You Connect a Garmin Drive to a Computer?

When we connect our Garmin Drive to the computer or laptop, it allows us to transfer various contents and also allow us to download the latest Garmin maps update. By connecting the device you got the opportunity to install the latest software and maps and you can easily update the functionality of the device to a better level. When we associate the device to the compute it helps us to synchronise the files and data quickly. Using the laptop and the mobile, we have access to download and install the furthermore applications to have regular information and device update notifications.

  • Take a USB cable and if you do not have the cable, then you need to bring the cable from the market.
  • One of the ends of your USB cable should be inserted to your GPS device and the other end should be inserted into your laptop.
  • On your GPS screen, an image will have appeared that will be the image of your connection from computer to your GPS device.
  • You need to wait till the moment you do not see the image of the USB mass storage mode connection.
  • It will notify you that your device is now a removable device.
  • The “Start button” and the “Computer” prompt shall be clicked one after another to launch your window explorer.
  • The GPS disk should be located and clicked to view the content inside it.
  • When the Garmin Dashboard will have appeared on your screen, then you need to follow the guided prompts. In this way, you can set up your GPS device.
  • Now it will be easy for you to get Garmin maps update and software update.
  • On your Garmin dashboard, there will be a link to “Register Now”. If you have already registered with the Garmin Explorer or Garmin GPS account, then you can skip the option.
  • Click the link that is prompting to “Update Now”. You will find this list under the title “Software Update” Then you will get the latest software.
  • To select the “Update Now” link, you have to go under the “Map Updates” tab of My Dashboard.

Some important tips to get a quick Garmin maps update

In case your computer is unable to detect your GPS device, then you have to remove the USB cable and connect it to the device again. You can even turn off the device or can restart the computer after having the USB detached from the computer. You can use drivers and software to improve the connectivity between your Garmin GPS device and the Computer. The users can also use Window Update Tool that will be available in the Start menu or in the control panel to approach the updates for their Window system. There are few things that we need to avoid while making these connections like never use a USB hub as the hubs are not capable of powering the GPS and Garmin maps update.

How can we transfer the data from our computer to Garmin GPS device?

  • As described in the above steps, you can connect your device with the computer or the laptop.
  • it depends upon the operating system of your computer that your device is being detected as the operating system, portable device, or as a removable drive and removable volume.
  • Open the browser file on your laptop or the computer. You must use the browser that will be compatible with supporting the firmware of your device and
  • Garmin GPS update.
  • Select the file of your choice that you want to transfer into the computer or your laptop.
  • Then you need to EDIT and COPY the data by following the prompts one after other.
  • Browse the folder that you might have selected from the device and select the prompt EDIT and PASTE to full fill the process.

Unable to detect by the Garmin Express on my Window Computer

There is a very strong tool that can prevent this issue of connection and detection by your Garmin Express on the window computer that is the USB cable. If make the connection of the device with the window computer using this USB cable, you can easily detect your Window operating system by the Garmin Express. Most of the device demonstrates an icon or image of having the connection of Garmin GPS device and the Computer, but in some cases, if you are unable to see the image, then you might see an icon of uncharged battery that means you need to charge the device first to get the required power to have strong communication with your computer. Moreover, your window should also recognise the USB connection. To have this recognition, you need to press the “Window key” or “Window icon” with “E” and then click this PC. The USB port should be working properly to avoid such issue. At the last action, you have to check the type of Cable that you will be using to hook the Garmin maps update and the computer.

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