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How is rain affecting business in Mumbai?

Rains have had an adverse affect on transport sector. Mumbai transporters are actually facing a lot of hurdles due to rains. There have been delays, traffic jams, cancellations- the list of woes of Mumbai transporters has been long. In fact the Mumbai transport companies have been struggling to keep the clients happy in light of the ongoing rains which do not seem to stop. Every year Mumbai is hit by severe rains. Even though the authorities try to brace with all this still it always falls short and Mumbai logistics suffer a deep impact. Water logging in low lying areas slow down the speed of transport trucks. When things reach people late the entire system gets upset. In fact a sharp rise in prices of fruits and vegetables has been seen and this is closely associated with affect of Mumbai rains on transport.

City Affected via Rain In Mumbai

  • Andheri
  • Juhu
  • Thane
  • Borivali
  • Poval

Truck transport hit majorly

Heavy rains lead to major vehicle breakdown. Trucks easily get stuck in waterlogged roads and it becomes hard to remove them.  This leads to traffic accumulation for longer periods of time. In case the trucks are carrying perishable items, it leads to big losses in case there is no facility of air tight contains and insurance. Most of the truck companies now offer insurance so that you have to bear minimum loss in case of accidents, delays and breakdown. Bad weather conditions have led to complete shutting of work. Offices are shut and at times the transport company staff is not able to reach the offices due to torrential rainfall. Some time the traffic is diverted but this leads to things going off the schedule. For instance if a journey takes 1 hour due to diversion the transport truck might take 3 hours to reach the same place.

Safety measures

As Mumbai rains are a regular feature in monsoons transport companies try to brace up so that minimum hassles are caused to the clients. Electric shocks can also happen due to excessive rains. This is the reason why electric supply is cut down so that no contingency happens. It is prudent to stay indoors when it is raining too hard. Nothing is more precious than human life. So, even if some delays are caused due to rains it is better to be safe than to be sorry. A normal amount of rain does not cause any serious traffic disruption but Mumbai rains are far from normal. During monsoons the whole city seems to drown and getting life on track becomes an arduous task.

Most affected route for transporters in Mumbai are

Wrapping up

Business of all kinds whether it is transport business online deliveries etc are deeply hit due to continuous rainfall. Things are not delivered to places where they are needed and it can lead to surge pricing till the time rains last. Some people take advantage of this and indulge in black marketing which is not at all a good things and can lead to legal action.


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