How Much Does It Cost To Create a Logo Design

A logo is like a shiny but tasteful piece of jewelry. It’s exterior should be eye-catching and beautiful, unique and delicate. But all shine and delicateness will be completely worthless if the amount displayed isn’t worth the material it’s made out of. In all relativeness, a logo is something that defines you and the business you’re trying to run. It should be one of a kind. A good logo design is like the right hand of any brand’s identity- being the first thing any customer should jump at, at first glance. With that said it is super important that any logo needed for a thriving business, should never blend into the competition, rather should stand out. So coming back to business terms, every client wants to weigh up the correct price of the logo design they’re investing in and compare it to the quality and effectiveness it’ll add to your business.

But now, coming back to the question that’s on every person’s mind, who’s looking to hire a designer to create for them a timeless logo design is “How much does it cost to create one?”.

In most cases it doesn’t depend on the quality or ranking of the brand, it depends upon the varying rates that each custom logo designer or agency sets up. Some may need just a basic design and others may be looking for something a bit more professional. Each logo design usually varies in rate depending upon quality and mode of business.

So How Much Does It Cost?

There are always several factors that usually influence the cost of any logo design, some of which may depend on

  • Are you looking for a particular kind of designer? A freelancer, a professional or professional agency, design software or just looking to go all DIY on it which btw would still cost you depending on the quality you need.
  • Depending upon the agency we often look for packages or the total cost of one without it
  • Some agencies even charge according to the time they’re putting in and the number of times they pitch a design before landing on the chosen one.

Taking in What A Logo At Low-Cost Would Get You

Keeping aside the options for DIYíng a logo design, there seems to be a big difference in the varying prices of custom logo designs these days. Especially with the high rate of companies and home businesses cropping up. With all this in mind, the demand for custom made logos have skyrocketed. With such differentiation in price, how does one reckon a suitable place for themselves and their money. It honestly depends on the kind of service your logo needs to keep your business booming.

Not all businesses are big, some are small but would still like a logo that stands out but keeps your budget in check. Sometimes low-cost options are very tricky to tackle. In a few cases the prices of low-cost logos would often start from ranges of $50 to about $100, providing a very low variety of color options and designs. That’s where the catch lies. If the client isn’t satisfied they would typically ask for another trail run or another color or even editable vectors. These would all cost as additional charges if not stated on any contract about it being inclusive within the settled cost. There’s also a lack of communication when opting for a lower-priced logo. Not much flexibility exists in terms of creativity and options in terms of color and design. Another option is also attempting to do it on your own but again the options for advanced tools from a software won’t be available if not purchased.

A few polls have been compared and have come down to the conclusion that the cost of logo design on a budget ranges from:

  • Crowdsourcing which is from $5 to around $500
  • Online templates $5 to $100
  • Amateurs $50 to $100

High-Cost Logos

Most big businesses or even people running multi-million dollar companies from home are always looking to keep their businesses way ahead of the corporate realm. For that a good logo design is needed to represent their company most effectively. It’s better in these cases to seek help from a professional who has good vision in the field of logo designing, even though it may cost you as compared to a beginner’s freelancer. When paying by the buck expect to have the best treatment along with quality work which usually begins with a sit-down conversation with the selected team of professionals guiding you through the designing process step-by-step. The price range according to online statistics of high-end companies or freelancers that provide the best services in logo designing may be as follows

  • Freelancing  $200 to $1,000
  • Professional freelancer $1500 to $10,000
  • Start-up agencies $5,000 to $35,000
  • Regional agencies $7,500 to $50,000
  • National Agency prices begin from $25,000 onwards.

The cost of high and low scale custom logos vary according to different professionals and how many experiences they have in this field. Some freelancers have almost the same designing experience as compared to professionals in similar companies but only lack the positive point of having to meet their clients face to face. Cost also depends largely on time given to each project, however many attempts were taken to achieve the perfect design. It honestly doesn’t really where you get your logo design created from, as long as you are well aware of how much your budget is, which company sticks to their policies and promotes a clear message for your brand through your logo.

Author Bio: Kenneth Dover, with focus on kenneth is a content marketing God as well as one of the most experienced digital nomads and the author of Inbound Content. He’s been a digital marketer since 2009 and currently serves as Content Professor for Website Motix where he successfully created A Content Marketing Certification, globally renowned, awarding around 25000 certifications to professionals worldwide since Nov 2016.


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