You can take your relationship to the next level by buying a perfect engagement ring for your partner. Diamonds are a symbol of perfection and purity, so these gemstones are looked upon as signs of promise and commitment between two individuals. As a result,lab made diamondsare increasingly becoming popular. They also have the same durability and beauty as mined diamonds, costing at least 30% less than natural stones.

 Buying a man-made pink diamond ringwill express your beautiful and unique relationship.Pink diamonds are quite popular and eye-catching gemstones, but due to their rarity, they are often hard to find and quite expensive. With lab-grown diamonds growing increasingly important in the present day, you can easily find a pink diamond for your engagement ring without incurring a huge cost. By choosing lab-grown pink diamonds, you can get an engagement ring of your choice without breaking the bank. You can narrow your options down for fancy pink diamonds by following the below points:

  • Buy pink diamond rings from reputable vendors 

You must choose a man-made pink diamond from reputable and trustworthy vendors only. Look for properly identified grades, quality photos, and ethically sourced pink stones from online vendors with certificates. You must be beware of empty dreams and fake promises guaranteed by retailers like gifts. Always look for reasonable price tags in your pink diamond engagement rings. Always use your instinct, common sense, and basic knowledge about diamonds. For instance, always know that pink diamond rings can’t cost like white diamonds.

  • Obtain certificates for your diamond ring

When you get a guarantee for the quality of your diamond ring through certificates, you get assurance about the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and weight. So seek GIA certificates that could help you make a better investment decision.

  • Size

Carats measure the weight of diamonds and refer to the real weight of the diamond stone. Carats are ranked on a grading scale of 100 points. For instance, fifty-point gemstones would mean. 50 carats. If you don’t want to pay a huge price tag on your engagement ring, you can choose pink diamonds as a halo around your white diamond.

  • Color

 The price of the pink diamond is affected by its color. If the tone is purer, it will be more expensive. The secondary colors are brown, orange, purple, etc. The difference in clarity decides the price of the stone.

  • In-House Grading 

The meaning of in-house grading is no grading at all. You should not buy a man-made pink diamond without any gemological certificate. Although certificates may cost you more money and time, it is not worthwhile to buy a pink diamond without any certificate. You must insist your retailer give you a gemological certificate

  • Verify GIA Certificate as well as its Grading –

You must beware of fake diamonds as retailers find new, subtle, and simpler ways to cheat money from their clients every day. For instance, giving IGI certified fancy pink diamond while it’s fancy light pink. First, you need to ensure that the IGI certificate is not forged. To verify the certificate, you can visit the IGI certificate website report check tool, where you can fill in your certificate number and check the credentials.

  • Intensity Levels

There is a wide variety of rating scales when it comes to diamonds. Pink diamonds are also graded as per the intensity of their color and strength. The gemological institute of America grades these pink diamonds as light, faint, very light, fancy light, intense, and deep. If the diamond is more saturated and rich in color, its worth will be higher. If you want assurance in coloring and to get the most value for your money, then you need to talk to fancy color diamond experts who can explain to you the rating scale.