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How to download twitter videos on the iPhone?

How to download twitter videos on the iPhone?

What is Twitter? 

As we know that Twitter is the top social media site that connects the people of different countries, religions, and traditional values. Billions of people used it on the daily. It is a platform in which people share their opinions, ideas, and thoughts easily without any limitation. 

The people mostly convey their thoughts in the written form which is known as tweets. The people also express their views in the form of different videos, gifs. Nowadays the videos and gifs are most popular as compared to the written messages.

Why videos become popular nowadays?

In my opinion, there are two main reasons

1. The videos are present in the visual form and we can easily deliver the awareness about social issues especially to the uneducated people.

2. When the important information, trending issues, and affairs are presented in the form of visual content(videos), the people grasp and understand in a better way. Twitter videos help them. 

Is twitter allowing to save the videos on your phone?    

The video format becomes an important feature on twitter. We can easily watch and share videos on it but when we want to save a video, unfortunately, twitter has not any button to download the videos. 

The users are forced to find alternative means or third party sources to save their favorite videos. When you are the iPhone user, then it will be a little more difficult.

Why it is more difficult for iPhone users?   

    iPhone and iPad owners have to put a little more work than Android owners to save videos from Twitter, and it can also be more time-consuming. 

1. It was more difficult for us to save video from twitter’s iPhone because of the copyright rules and privacy of Apple. 

2. The rules and regulations of the company due to security make that difficult to get an app that allows downloading twitter videos.  

Is there any way to save the videos on your phone?

Please, don’t dishearten. Some useful ways will help you to save the video on your computer. Let starts.

1.Online sites.

It was my personal opinion that the online sites were very useful to save the videos from the iPhone. The reason is that you can easily save your phone storage. The one better side is that it is free of cost with very simple steps. The steps are described below.

1.Open the Twitter app.

Open the twitter app and identified the video you want to save. Click the share option and then select.

2. Copy the link.

Then you will see different options to share the video. There will be a copy link. The link of the video copy in your clipboard. Go to the chrome. Open the On the page, you will see the option to paste the URL.

3. Paste the tweet link.

In the field on the website, paste the URL by right-clicking it with your mouse and then click download.

4. Click the download button.

Choose a resolution and hit on a download video button. The video will begin to download. 

5. Enter the video name

You will be asked to enter a video name. Then came the video. When you are done, select save. Now you will see a video icon on your screen.  

2. MyMedia app

The second way I suggest you to use this app.  

1. Download the free MyMedia app. Open the Twitter app and search for the tweet video you want to save.

2. Select the Share Tweet via.

3. Tap Copy Link.

4. Now open the MyMedia app.  

5. Tap the Browser from the bottom menu.

6. In the field at the top of the app, go to online site and click Go.

7. Scroll down the web page until you see a field that reads Enter Video. 

8. paste the link into the field box.

9. Click on the download button. When you click a download link, a menu will appear. Tap Download the File, then name your saved video.

10. Click on Media on the bottom menu. You should see your saved video on this screen.

11. Tap Save to Camera Roll to save a copy of your Twitter video to your ios devices Camera Roll folder.

Are they helpful to you? Any question asked in the comment section.


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