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How to edit your profile on Instagram

After installing Instagram and starting to take your first photos , use part of the time you spend on this application to keep your profile constantly updated. Those who are interested in your photos will visit it to know a little more about you and even contact you to establish a new friendship . And if you are a person who uses Instagram to promote your professional profile, you can let your followers know what services and products you offer, in addition to motivating them to learn more about them on your official website or even receive job offers.
To get the best out of your account, here are two methods to edit your Instagram profile from your mobile phone or from your computer.

Update your data from your mobile phone

  1. Open Instagram Open the Instagram application that you already have installed on your mobile phone. When you see the main screen, which shows you the latest photos shared by those you follow, touch the icon that takes you to see your personal profile. This looks like the silhouette of a person and is located in the lower right area.
  2. Review and edit your Instagram profile will now show you the section that contains all your personal information. This is what other Instagram users see when they tap on your username. Remember that your username always accompanies the photos you post.
    Here you can see the photo you are using on your Instagram profile, the number of photos you have published so far, your followers and those you follow. If you want to see advanced statistics related to these numbers, I recommend you take a look at INK361 , since at the moment Instagram does not offer advanced statistics to its users.
    In this section of your profile you can also read the accompanying mini biography. You may have written something when you first created your account. If you didn’t, this space will be blank.
    To edit all this information, click on the icon with the gear  that appears at the top of your profile.
  1. Update your information Now you can edit your profile by choosing the Edit Profile option . Here you will see that it is possible to update your name, your username, the URL or web address in your profile –something very useful if you are a professional– and the mini-biography that appears next to all this information.
    All of the above is what is part of your public profile, that is, the information that is visible by those who visit your profile on this network.
    The second section, called Private Information, contains data that is NOT public or shared with other users. Here you can enter your email account, your phone number and your gender.
    When you have edited all the data and information you want, remember to touch the Done button so that this data is recorded. If you don’t, they could get lost and you will have to write them again.
    Through this last action you will have updated your data. Everyone who visits your profile on Instagram will be able to see them, whether they do it from the same application, from a site to see Instagram photos or from an application for desktop computers, such as Pixsta .

From your computer

  1. Visit Instagram from a web browser Visit the Instagram website and log into your account using your username and password. If you have forgotten it, you can request that they give you a new password.
  2. Edit your data After entering your profile the first thing you will see will be the section with the photos of those people you follow. As in the mobile application, you can update your name, your email and your username by clicking on the icon that resembles the silhouette of a person, located in the upper area of ​​the website. You can also change those data that are private, although this distinction is not made in this web profile. Don’t worry: This data will remain private.
    When you have updated your details and mini biography remember to click on the Submit button .
    If you are constantly on the go and have the ability to type on small screens and keyboards, update your Instagram profile from the same application. On the contrary, if you have access to a computer, have problems with texts or small screens or want to take your time doing it, update your account using the web version of your profile.


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