How to embroider with a sewing machine

Do you want to embroider your dress? But don’t know whether you canembroider with a sewing machine or not? The answer is, Yes. You can. 

Embroidery is an elegant chapter of tailoring. But there is a myth that embroidery can’t be done with a normal sewing machine, it needs specialized machine. It is not fully true. This is right that it is good to embroider with a specialized embroidery machine. But if you follow some tips, you can easily do your preferable embroidery design with a normal sewing machine. Let’s find out the tips – 

Select your design 

Pick up a suitable design to embroider. Make sure the design you choose matches with the type of your cloth. For example, if you choose a silk threaded embroidery pattern, go for a synthetic material cloth. It will look and fit nicely. 

Use embroidery thread

Embroidery thread is a bit different from regular thread. It is thicker and stronger enough to tolerate the twists and terms of a design. Again the color of embroidery thread lasts more than regular threads. So it is better to use embroidery thread. 

Stabilizer is a must 

Cotton is known as a decent type of cloth. It doesn’t slip from the plate of the sewing machine. But there are some mischievous fabrics like polyester, synthetic, silk – they are very slippery indeed. Embroidery is a method of designing different patterns by rotating, twisting, curling the fabric. So for these fabrics, stabilizer is a must. It helps to keep the cloth in place of your will. So that you can easily have the design of your mind with much ease and less struggle.

Use embroidery hoop 

Embroidery is also sensitive. It is very important to keep the fabric taught and smooth to work thoroughly. An embroidery hoop keeps the fabric taught. So never hesitate to use a hoop. 


Embroidery is always fun. It is more enjoyable if you can try this with your regular sewing machine. Give it a try and follow these tips. Success will come indeed.Happy sewing!


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