How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? – 5 Steps

I have received several emails asking me: How to recover my ex-girlfriend? And it is that when a relationship you appreciated a lot ends, it hurts in the depths of your heart. If you think you still have a chance to rekindle the link, Then stay reading this article, because I’m going to share some perfect tricks.

First of all, stay calm, since it is reasonable to repent in life, and things are never written in stone, there will always be an opportunity to improve things, but this time it must be different.

Tips for returning with your Girlfriend

Can you fix the relationship I had with your partner, wife, woman, or girlfriend? The answer is: YES. But you should reflect on what you did wrong so that you can improve and prove to your ex that you are worth it.

To achieve this, you must follow the following steps:

1. Assessing the break

Let’s start with the beginning of the conflict. Put your hand on your chest and reflect, whose decision was it to end? Or maybe it was some outburst of anger? If I have children, do we correctly measure the impact it will have on them?

You must manage to identify all the initial points, since it is not the same if it was your fault, or it was her decision. In the second case, it will cost a little more reconciliation.

2. Clarify your emotions – Psychology

Set aside the alpha male mask, and devote yourself to interpreting your feelings. It is difficult to distinguish between loneliness, emotional, economic dependence, with the real sense of living and loving her back. When a relationship has lasted many years, it tends to confuse the possession of that past with wanting to return quickly. And despair and anxiety is something we should avoid.

  • I will be frank after you answer these questions :
  • Do you miss her, or do you want to date someone?
  • Does she make you feel safer and happier?
  • Can you imagine what it would be like to go back and see that she doesn’t love you anymore? Would you bear it?

If after answering these questions, you realize that you have some emotional dependence and that the only thing you are looking for is not to be alone, the healthiest thing you can do is start a new relationship. If on the contrary, you love her, and you think she can still accept you, then you must fight.

3. Lose contact with her

She can call you for any reason, but if she doesn’t, you wo n’t do it either. This is the first step to reconquer it. I know you may be thinking, “But, I still miss my ex-girlfriend.” I understand that it is difficult, but zero contact is vital to initiate reconciliation.

Ignoring will make her think that you are going phenomenally with your life, that everything is going well, and that will cause her many doubts and intrigues. It is a passive and aggressive way of getting you to miss you. And it will also allow you to clarify yourself, find yourself again, enjoy things that you couldn’t use to do with it before. In short, it is time to improve as a person.

4. How to make my ex-girlfriend come back with me if she is with another?

In this case, it depends on you, and what you want to do after having correctly evaluated your emotions, you may decide that she is happy next to another person, or you probably have clues that she is still interested in you. You can celebrate a special birthday with some best birthday surprise ideas for girlfriend.

If after zero contact you still feel the need to recover it, even knowing that it is with another, you must behave impeccably, and show that you are the best option in your life. If you already have a boyfriend, and still want to achieve it, read on.

5. Improve your self-Ssteem

You must be clear that your happiness should not revolve around the company of a person.  Your joy should revolve around your value as a person. If you try to feel sorry for him, he may come back to you, but in the long term it will not work, you are only getting her to feel guilty. And believe me, that way it is not worth coming back.

Consider yourself a valuable, worthy of being happy for who you are and how you are. Do not seek to complement your life “because yes,” aims to complement it once you feel complete with yourself; that way, she will value you much more. Women do not want a losing man who crawls; they want a self-confident man, and capable of achieving their own goals.

To increase your self-esteem, you must strengthen yourself in all areas of your life: social, emotional, aesthetic, and skills.


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