How to Get Rid of Skin Tags: 6 Simple and Effective Solutions

Those suffering from such embarrassing problems are always trying to hide these outgrowths instead of finding a way out. Unfortunately, the body geography for the skin tags is unlimited – neck, chest, eyelids, the list can be continued but the issue itself remains the same. Causing discomfort, the outgrowths may also be the reasons for lack of self-confidence.

If you want to remove skin tags, there are two options suggested – whether to visit a doctor or do it yourself. In comparison, the last method will help you to save money and, if appropriate treatment is applied, it is not dangerous and involved any risks. That’s why now we will find out the most effective ways to forget about annoying tiny things once and for all:

Bad looking tags on your skin, what should you do? Below are some effective tips for you.

Tip #1

Though it seems strange, skin tags can be removed easily and, what is more important, safely just with a pair of nail clippers (of course, in case when an outgrowth is situated on your eyelid, it should be removed by professional). The only thing you have to pay attention to is that the clippers should be sharp and preliminary sanitized, as well as the place of a skin tag. In order to avoid painful feelings you can numb the area with an ice cube. The next thing you have to do is snip the outgrowth off at the base. This small home surgery should be thoroughly prepared so that all the risks will shrink to a nullity.

Tip #2

The next method is based on the principle of blood circulation, to be more precise, on cutting off blood supply. You will need a strong sewing thread and manual dexterity (ideally the friend’s helping hand). Surrounding only the base of the skin tag, tie the thread into a knot. Then you will have to wait for some days (two or three days) until the outgrowth turns black and falls off.

Tip #3

Bloodroot, a herb known for an ability to eradicate skin tags, can be also used to get rid of the growths. No matter if it is in a paste or powder form, it is very helpful in achieving stunning results. Just the dab of the herb left for two days is enough to cope with this problem.

Tip #4

If you are not ready for small surgeries, we are glad to offer an alternative variant – vitamin E. It is not only extremely good for your skin, but also can be applied as a skin tag killer. Take the band-aid in addition; it will be responsible for the block of the blood supply. The principle is the same as with bloodroot, but here the capsule of vitamin E is used instead.

Tip #5

Compound W – acid wart removal, can be applied to the skin tags and have great results. Using the band-aid for two days, you will be surprised by the effect it has.

Tip #6

Another natural remedy is represented by tea tree oil, it is a real cure-all for all types of skin diseases, and skin tags are not an exception. Just apply it as an ointment, rubbing against the skin tag three times a day and observe the results. Read more about glowing skin naturally


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