How to Know if Your Staff Wasting Time on Their Social Media

Are you suspicious about undue social media usage of your employees? If your workers waste their duty hours using social networking sites, it can decline their productivity and can decrease production and company profit. It is crucial that you stay informed of your employees’ activities at the workplace during working hours. The majority of employees kill their working hours updating their personal social media profiles. This article discusses how employers can find out if their workers waste time on their social media.

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is an important subject for businesses. Most of the business organizations working across the world keep their workers under surveillance to restrict them from unwanted activities. The supervision helps to restrict employees from killing their working hours on personal and needless acts. Also, it helps to prevent them from mishandling company data, workplace harassments, gossips and acts of malice. The employee monitoring also influences workers’ productivity. When your employees would know that they are being supervised, they would give more attention to their work. Resultantly, it would boost their motivation and efficiency.    

Software for Employee Tracking

In an earlier times, the companies were used to employ human labor for supervising workers. The job of these supervisors was to keep employees restricted from unproductive activities. In this digital age when most of the office work is done on computers and digital devices, human labor is not enough to track employees’ activities during duty hours. To keep an eye on the digital activities of employees, there are software and apps. The employers install these software applications on company-owned computers and mobile phones to keep track of employees’ digital activities.

Spy on Social Media of Workers

The employee tracking software lets employers know how their workers use computers and smartphones at the workstation during duty hours. It also lets them know what websites or mobile apps their employees use and how frequently. The computer monitoring solution lets them know what social media websites were visited by the staff during working hours. It provides access to the internet browsing history of the company-owned digital devices to let employers evaluate internet usage of employees.

How to Evaluate Social Media Usage of Working Staff

The employee surveillance software lets you monitor and evaluate social media usage of employees on computers and smartphones. To find out how your workers use the social networking platforms, you need to install the computer tracker software on the company-owned computer devices. After installation, the software gets access to the internet browsing history of the device including browsing detail of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Then, it uploads the synced information to the online portal of the tracker software.

The employer or the end-user of the software can log into the web portal on personal smartphone or computer to get the browsing detail of suspicious workers. The internet usage of every worker helps the employer to find out who is wasting duty hours using social media sites. The browsing history tells you how much time every worker spends on social networking sites. It also helps to figure out productive and unproductive employees.

Keep an Eye on Social Media Activities of Employees

You can also make use of the employee surveillance software to closely watch out social media activities of employees. If you want to supervise social media chats of your workers to track their conversations with current and potential customers, you can install their smartphones with the monitoring app. The app gets access to messages exchanged via commonly used social media apps and instant messengers. It uploads these chats to the web portal from where the employer can read them. The surveillance app also lets you see social media posts of your workers, so you could find out if any sensitive or inappropriate information is shared by any displeased worker.

Manage Social Media Usage with Software

The tracker software lets you block access to unproductive social media websites. You can block frequently used social media websites right from the online portal of the employee surveillance software. Also, you can block social media apps installed on the company-owned smartphones. As well as blocking social media apps and websites, you can block or uninstall all unwanted and unproductive webpages and mobile applications with the help of tracker software.


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