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How to make an apartment lobby safe & welcoming?

Lobbies; both for commercial and residential buildings are grand, luxurious with elaborate carving, high ceilings, stylish furnishing and marble flooring. The style complements vintage apartment buildings constructed with magnificent entrances. Even being smaller nowadays, lobbies don’t have to be dark and foreboding but fitting in large windows is an excellent way to allow natural light and give spectacular views. Fill it up with comfortable seating and stunning displays for the modern-day vibe.

Irrespective of the building size that can be your preferred affordable apartment in Dubai, a creatively done interior lobby design can make a first great impression. It tends to be warm and welcoming, a grand entrance for all with elaborate stairway and super fast elevator. Simply put, think of it as the front door of your house. All that said, your choice of sparking up the lobby should offer various key features without breaking the bank. Timely investment in the right elements is the first step followed by;

Secure entrance for apartment safety

Protection of the tenants from possible intruders and prowlers is a primary concern for smaller apartment buildings usually without a concierge or doorman. A tip for residents, get the best available deadbolt key system or invest some extra in the latest magnetic card or fob key system just as they have in the hotels.

Also, install a buzzer system at the outer entrance for visitors and ensure it’s visible. You don’t want anyone to wait outside feeling unsafe and looking for the doorbell in the dark. Also, install a video/CCTV camera to record all that goes at the entrance. Sufficient lights inside the apartment’s lobby and at the exterior give the feeling of safety.

Prefer installing separate lighting against each switch and dimmers to optimise safety as well as appealing décor.

Prevent slips & falls with floor mats

Daily maintenance and cleaning are essential to prevent mud and dirt build-up. You can conveniently combat these problems by laying rubber mats which will protect the floor from such mess as well as offer slip prevention to tenants and visitors. On the contrary, some of the flooring materials offer the best care and continue looking great even after many years. Go for;

  • Hardwood or laminated hardwood
  • The latest luxury vinyl
  • Porcelain tiles that resemble the wood and likewise elements
  • Stained concrete; a preferred choice for high trafficked retailers, but you can incorporate it in the apartment’s lobby
  • Consider natural stone is the budget allows

Mail & package delivery area

Many real estate developers in Dubai are now introducing units with a bigger budget now prefer virtual concierges to alert the residents of a package either through a buzzer or smart application. And unless you’re delivering packages and mails to each apartment unit routinely, reserve a space with lock boxes where residents can conveniently access the delivery.

The modern colour palettes

Set your choice between the soft, neutral and warm colours that appeal to almost every audience and wear well in the longer run. But you can surely add a variety for a smart contrast and accent. In a typical residential setting, it’s better to avoid wallpaper because it’s costly, less practical and look overhung. In fact, go for vinyl that appears smart, wear well and reflects premium-grade fancy paint finishes, woods, grasscloths and stones. With pain, go with an eggshell finish which makes it easy to wash.

The right furnishing

Looking at the lobby size and budget, its best to select pieces bearing a decently modern look instead of the sloppy, heavy and traditional because of these compliments to greater aesthetic appeal. But why this exception? Having a vintage character means a mirror or glass surface finishing can expand the space allowing you to bring out the character to be displayed.Incorporating a mirror in the hallway or elevator also goes for the same reason as well as for safety. In case the lobby is big enough, it’s possible for the space to become a common interaction and community area rather than just some area you pass through without even looking.


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