How to Prepare for CBAP Certification Exam?

What is CBAPCertification Exam? How to prepare for this exam? CBAP or Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification exam, is offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis {IIBA) and this certification helps business executives claim prowess in certain business analysis skills that help them get job at intermediate to senior business analyst level. It’s a tough exam to pass but pays rich dividends to those who clear it, in the form of increased salary and better career growth. In general, those who have at least 5 years or more in experience as business analyst are eligible to take this certification exam.

Though there are several steps that an aspirant can take to prepare for the exam, but mostly preparing for only a few important ones is enough to clear the exam. These are as follows: –

Set Target Exam Date

The aspiring business analyst needs to target an exam date based on time available and schedule the preparation time of between 12-16 weeks accordingly. The preparation requires the aspirant to go through BABOK or the business analyst book of knowledge multiple times and practise with enough multiple-choice questions. It is considered essential to completely go through the book at least thrice.

Attend Online and Offline CBAP Training

The certificate aspirant should attend CBAP certification training courses available, both online and offline. Make sure it is approved by IIBA. A little bit of research, can help them know who are conducting such business analyst classes. The CBAP training classes both offline and online, helps to familiarize themselves with concepts that will help them clear the exam. Mostly these are recorded class videos that covers the syllabus that is important for appearing in a CBAP certification exam.

Carefully Choose the Question Bank

The aspiring candidate for this certification exam, needs to choose a good question bank that gives a good assessment. The question banks should be able to help the candidate go through entire BABOK readings. The first reading helps to know concepts and boost BABOK knowledge. The second BABOK reading, with question bank allows to clear tougher questions with BABOK knowledge. The third reading helps to get ready for final exam.

Get Application for CBAP Certificate Approved

The candidate needs to fill the CBAP application form carefully, its’ better to use a CBAP application filing template that helps in filling the application as per IIBA application format. The experience gathered throughout your knowledge areas can be used best to fill the template, which then helps to fill the CBAP form as per IIBA expectations. Following is the cost of CBAP certification exam: –

  1. IIBA membership fee of US$ 55 to $125 depending on country of applicant.
  2. CBAP Application Fee US$ 125
  3. CBAP Exam Fee of US$ 325 for IIBA members and US$450 for non-IIBA members.

Take the CBAP Test to be a CBAP

CBAP is an online web-based exam where candidates test their business analysis knowledge and skill levels. The exam can be taken from anywhere, using a computer, webcam, microphone, and an uninterrupted internet connection. The exam is based on the following pattern:

  1. Competency-based exam.
  2. Questions are a mix of case studies and scenarios.
  3. In all total of 120 multiple-choice questions.
  4. Exam time of 3.5 hours duration.

The aspiring candidate can prepare for the CBAP certification exam by following a set pattern of questions. The pattern depends on weightage given to the different knowledge areas. In general, the weightage and knowledge area division are as follows: –

Knowledge Area% of Questions
Strategy Analysis15%
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring14%
Solution Evaluation14%
Requirement Analysis and Design Definition30%
Elicitation and Collaboration12%
Requirement Lifecycle Management15%

The candidate can prepare for the CBAP Certificate exam based on the above tips or methods. Once confident the aspiring candidate needs to choose exam date as per convenience mostly a weekend. Candidates are advised to appear for the exam in a relaxed mind having revised for the exam at least once or twice so that it helps them clear it in one attempt.


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