How To Start A Business With Cheap Dedicated Server Plans

There are a number of dedicated resources and functionalities available to sites being hosted on a cheap dedicated server. This makes it quite clear that dedicated servers do help in increasing site speed. Businesses in these modern times do not move away from trying out different methods that can help them in gaining recognition among potential customers. This goes special for online businesses that suffer from the issue of slow site speed. Increasing the speed at which a site works and loads up is a major concern for online business owners in these present times. Online business owners do not want to disappoint their visitors with slow loading web pages. If the pages on a site take up a lot of time to upload, the visitors are quite likely to abandon the site. This is the reason why more and more businesses are working on increasing their site speed. There are many businesses that have also considered going for Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting for the same.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is where a site is hosted on just one single server wherein the resources, hardware and other features of the server remain dedicated to the use of that one site. To be more specific, there is just one server hosting only one site. This provides a lot of advantages to the users which further boosts the speed of a site. So, it can rightly be said that dedicated server hosting does help in increasing site speed.

Website Content

Nevertheless, businesses looking to increase the speed of their site by going for dedicated server hosting should first consider the type of site they own. It is very important for businesses to consider the type and the amount of content they have on their site. For the ones with small sites having fewer pages, the speed at which the site loads up would be sufficient. The sites that only carry text content generally do not need to worry about speed. Nevertheless, the sites with several pages and content including graphics and videos would require reliable and effective hosting solutions like dedicated server hosting.

Server Specifications

Yet another important factor to consider is the offerings of the dedicated server hosting provider. In other words, you will have to consider the specifications or features of the dedicated server being provided by your chosen company. If your provider is offering the correct speed, then definitely your site speed will increase if it is down. You need to look out for providers that offer fast server speeds and reliable connections.

Take, for instance, going for a dedicated server hosting solution coming from Onlive Server would be best as you get 3.0 GHz CPU speed, 1 TB storage, 4 CPU cores, 1 Gbit bandwidth and 16 GB RAM. Plesk and DirectAdmin are the control panel options and operating systems that can be used include Linux and Windows.

Some frequently asked questions about dedicated server hosting are:

Q: What are server resources?

Ans: Server resources include speed, bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and processors. Among the other factors considered in choosing dedicated server hosting solutions, you need to consider server specifications.

Q: When do I need greater bandwidth?

Ans: You will need greater bandwidth when your site gains huge popularity and it starts experiencing a lot of traffic on a regular basis.

Q: What if I do not get the right bandwidth?

Ans: Your site will suddenly slow down and even crash if you do not get proper bandwidth during traffic hike sessions.

Q: Why go for dedicated server hosting?

Ans: This kind of hosting offers a number of resources along with greater stability and loading speed.

Q: Is security guaranteed?

Ans: Yes, your site will not be under any attack and this will show in the fast upload speed of your site.

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