How water can be easily purified from the entire collected source?

All the sources of water contain water which is harmful to drink so there are certain ways to purify this water.

Pumping and contaminant is a way by which water may be pumped out from the source and directed into pipes or holding tanks. Moreover appropriate infrastructure should be made be appropriate material so that accidental contamination does not occur. The next step is screening which is mainly the first step to remove pollutants to remove large debris such as sticks leaves rubbish and other large particles. After that storage is very important. Water from rivers may also be stored in bankside reservoirs for certain period of time such as a from a few days to few months to allow natural biological purification to take place. If the treatment is done by slow sand filters then the step is very important. Pre chlorination is a very crucial process as in many plans the incoming water is chlorinated to minimize the growth on fouling organisms on the pipe work and tanks.

Some other water purification techniques and the easiest way to purify water and which plays a very important role in the process of purification of water and its effectiveness in every aspect of life. Read more: Best whole house water filter for well water

Boiling of water is first major way to purify water. People from ancient age to now use this method as it is very easy and most used method. But the thing is that water is not fully purified sometimes because of the flow of heat is not content all time. This effective process eliminates most microbes causing intestine related diseases but it cannot remove chemical toxins or impurities. The others are Distillation, Granular Activated Carbon adsorption, Reverse osmosis, Desalination, Direct contact membrane distillation, Bioremediation.

Some of the Water filters which are commonly used and which helps to purify water in a very effective way and also can be bought with a reasonable price

So water purifier is very important and required to eradicate all types of pollutants from water and make it safe to drink and lead a healthy life

Sources of water

The first source of water is ground water. The water emerging from some deep ground water which is stored from rainfall for hundreds to thousands of years. Deep ground water is generally of very high bacteriological quality and it is rich in dissolved solids specially carbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium. Ground water also contains iron and manganese which should be reduced to some content so that we can make it suitable for drinking and for cooking also
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