Important Tyre facts that you need to be aware of

If you have just bought a new car, you have nothing to worry about your tyres. Your carmaker has installed every component of your car appropriately to provide proper driving comfort and safety.

However, in future, you will need to know a lot of things about your car tyres when you have to replace your old tyres with new tyres.

If you are an experienced car driver, you must be aware of some facts. Knowledge of these facts is necessary for every wise driver because of the importance of proper tyre maintenance.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most common facts that you need to know to keep your tyres healthy for a long time.

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Your tyres age

Experts say that you must change your tyres in 5-6 years because like anything, your tyres also age. Ageing factors like weather, sunshine, road conditions are responsible for damaging your tyres.

Therefore, even durable tyres need replacement after a certain time. So, do not try to use your tyres when they are completely damaged.

Tyre Tread Depth

The design you see on your tyres is important to provide optimum grip and traction while running on the roads. You must know that you legally cannot drive your vehicle if your tread depth is below 1.6mm. In this case, your tyres will be treated as bald tyres. Driving with bald tyres is highly risky as well as illegal. To maintain your tyres properly, you must check the depth of your tyre tread regularly.

Valve maintenance

Tyre valve is probably the most overlooked part of tyre maintenance. Your tyre valve keeps the level of air pressure undisturbed. Therefore, it is mandatory to check the tyre valve along with valve cap on a regular basis.

Tyre rotation

You believe or not but just rotating the tyres from time to time can protect your tyres from uneven tread wear. You need nothing complex in this activity and just have to swap your tyres front to back and back to front. Similarly, you can change the sides of your tyres as well. However, if you are using directional tyres, you will not be able to change the sides of these tyres.

Tyre markings

Do you need to obtain basic information about your tyres? You just need to look at your tyres carefully because, on the sidewall, you will observe some numbers, letters and codes that show basic information regarding the tyre.

On the tyres, you will find the manufacturer’s name, tyre size, speed rating, construction, compliance numbers, pressure marking requirement, approval mark and number, tyre profile etc.

Air pressure

It is a well-known fact that your tyres are filled with air. Besides this information you need to know that the level of air pressure changes according to different factors like high-speed driving and weather. Tyre manufacturers recommend that you must keep your air pressure at a specified level to ensure good maintenance of your tyres.

So, these are some common facts about Dunlop Tyres that you should not avoid in any condition. Avoiding these factors may put you at high risk of early tyre damage. We are sure you would not take a risk of a reduced lifespan of the tyres.

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